It Costs A Thing

Image Credit: Google Plus

Image Credit: Google Plus

Those dreams of her should be torn, trashed and burnt
Those poems you wrote about being friends forever should be read and never remembered
The words and the wishes shouldn’t cost so much
The time and effort, and the memories lost in the fire should never be recovered
The pain and the shame should be better than the hate
The middle finger to that stupid and selfless promise should be enough to pay for all the loneliness you feel in the rain
You should know when the dance is over and the music has stopped
You should know when to accept the dead is dead not lost
Your heart won’t always win
and your head knows the pain is real
For your soul will always be willing, your flesh will always weak
Keep all the love in your heart and live with the shame of your greed
Hold unto hope and be hate free

For love don’t cost a thing , freedom from those dreams and what could have been always will

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One Response to It Costs A Thing

  1. possidex says:

    Hmmmmm this is deep. cool piece


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