My Little Friend From Heaven

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

Sometimes life can be pretty boring and at such times, we as humans begin to feel empty. Depending on our race, religion or socio-cultural background or experiences in life, we all go about filling this void in different ways. However, often times, we fill this void with our own selves because we tend to have become our own gods while on other occasions we realise our limitations as humans and at such times remember the existence of our maker; running hastily to him.

Thinking about a situation that happened to me recently, I can never bring myself to despise the popular words of the economists when they say, “Man’s wants are insatiable.” Neither can I neglect the words of God in 1st Thessalonians 5:18 which reads, “Give thanks to the Lord in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Whether we realise it or not, we are constantly reminded by God to continually give thanks and remain godly. Not wanting to sound like a preacher since I am nothing but Kunbi Black, an On-Air-Personality with Nigezie TV & Unilag FM, let me share my experience with a little friend only God could have sent from heaven.

 On the 15th of May, 2016 I experienced something that I thought would be selfish for me not to share. Though I already shared it on that particular day, I actually intentionally missed out some parts of my experience. That particular afternoon, I went to pay a visit to some friends at Jaja hall in Unilag and I recollect quite vividly how I nagged to them about being broke. “Life can be so boring without money.” I had kept repeating and after that discussion I headed to Red Bricks to get myself food since all the complaining seemed to have zapped the food in me.

I wasn’t that hungry, it was just that warning feeling of impending hunger pains which could have been ignored for a little time more if I chose but then I felt like chewing something (man must replenish himself after too much talk.) I got myself a meal of about N300 with a chilled bottle of coke to step it down with. Looking back now, I wish I had not gotten the meal before I came across what astonished and touched me on my way to the faculty of Arts. I saw a little boy of about six to seven years, he was looking very dirty and unkempt. With a stick in his hand, he kept trying to strike an unripe Mango from a tree and for some strange reason I watched his antics. Alas, he struck what must have been gold to him when an unripe mango came crashing to the ground and he ran to it with joy. His face was lit as he balanced on a log of wood nearby and began to devour what I figured to be his lunch with much gusto.

“Noooooo!” I screamed, “It’s not ripe.” His face clouded with what I could only guess to be embarrassment, anger and pain as he threw the fruit away guiltily. I realized I had embarrassed him and belittled his lunch, reminding him of the grimness of his reality. He must have cursed e inwardly for the intrusion. His stare was enough to tell me I was his biggest enemy. Trying to make up for my blunder, I mustered my kindest tone and asked if he had eaten. A little boy made me feel stupid with just one withering look and I realized the folly of my own question. Need I have asked? He obviously had not eaten judging from his appearance and the manner in which he had attacked the mango.

To cut a long story short, I found myself giving him the last cash on me to afford himself a better meal and from the changed that came over him, I knew I had been forgiven and in the characteristic manner of a child, I had gone from being an enemy to a friend.

I had only taken a few steps when I looked back and he had vanished to thin air. Even Usain Bolt couldn’t have gone so fast. My little friend had gone back to heaven but not without leaving a message. God used him to show me a boy who had not eaten in days and was probably only waiting on a miracle to happen while I had been nagging about being broke when I could afford an unnecessary meal. We all are often carried away by what we need that we forget to say THANK YOU GOD for what we have. Have you said THANK YOU GOD today?

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