Letter To The President Of Nigeria


Dear Mr. President,

I am one of the unfortunate few that don’t know much about hunger, it’s truly unfortunate. I am not a member of any political party, the two major ones just look the same to me, they are made up of men, and we keep expecting them to be gods, which explains the reason for our disappointments and frustrations.

Sir, I wasn’t born before the second world war and even it was far after the Nigerian civil war, but I have learned so much from history, and I have come to the conclusion that all the troubles we face today as a nation is linked to these two events, although in more civilized ways. The use of force is a good example of nothing, especially towards one’s own. Today I want to bring your attention to something important to we Nigerians even more than the fight against corruption, something that makes thinking difficult, it is hunger. Children are dying from hunger, men are no longer man-enough; they can’t provide for their house.

The common man is not interested in augmented rivalry or the technicalities involved in the pendulous spin of the coin of the nation. When there is hunger unreasonable things become justified, when people’s labors are no longer rewarding and hunger takes dominance in every thought, the true nature of men begins to show, God forbid.

I know being up there is not an easy thing, but I’m sure you were aware of the facts before you applied for the post. Happy Democracy Day Mr. President.

Just a pleb in the populace.

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Aina, Ifedotun Victor
twitter @jovizard
Instagram @official_xplosive

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