Now That You Are Here – Episode Nine (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt From Episode 8: 

“I am coming to Nigeria to see you Dammy. I miss you and I know I have been a jerk but I want to make things right with you. When I think of love, you are all I can think of is you. I love you Dammy and I can’t stop loving you.”

To read episode 8: CLICK HERE

It was like the last time all over again but this time she wasn’t nervous in an excited sort of way. Truth was she didn’t know exactly how she felt. Maybe confusion was the best way to describe how she felt but she knew that Muyiwa wasn’t pleased. He had been acting silent and aloof since she told him of Gbade’s call.

“Gbade said he is coming to Nigeria to see me, he said he still loves me and wants to work things through,” she had blurted during one of his visits.

Muyiwa shrugged nonchalantly. “It is your choice if you want to go back to him.”

Damilola wasn’t fooled. She could sense his hurt but had decided not to pursue the conversation further. Why was he acting upset? He after all had a girlfriend and they both knew there wasn’t much of a future for either of them together. The friendship with Halima was another thing to consider, it still gave her a bit of an odd feeling knowing she was sleeping with the kind Halima’s boyfriend.

Damilola was jerked out of her thoughts when a female voice announced the arrival of Gbade’s flight over the loudspeaker. Her heart fluttered in her chest and she looked imploringly at Anu who only stared back impassively, a chilly look of unconcern on her face. Anu wasn’t in support of her reuniting with Gbade and there had been an argument about it. Anu’s argument had been that she needed time to heal and not revisit her old wounds but Damilola knew Anu didn’t understand. Nobody did.  They didn’t understand how her heart still thumped for him, how the sound of his voice was enough to send her heart racing and how she smiled and thought of him when a song they both liked was played on the radio or television.

She was not even conscious she was smiling now as she anticipated his arrival until Anu hissed in disgust.

For Anu, looking at Damilola was like looking at a hopeless puppy awaiting the orders of its master.


Later that night as she and Gbade were getting ready for bed, it suddenly dawned on Damilola that they had not discussed sleeping arrangements. Was he going to sleep in the guest room or in her bedroom with her?  They had not been able to talk much with Anu’s presence and Gbade in his ever self-conscious manner had been silent all through the day till Anu finally left.

Damilola knew Anu had delayed leaving them together on purpose. She had chosen to follow them home and made sure they had no privacy as a way of stalling the inevitable. If he was going to destroy her friend a second time, at least she could make him stew for it.


“Can we talk now Tangy?” Gbade asked.

Damilola’s jerked in shock turned to face Gbade who was standing by the entrance of the bathroom. She was about to have her bath and above the noise of the tap, she had not heard him come into the bathroom. She was standing fully naked and his eyes roved over her body appreciatively.

“You scared me Gbade,” she said moving towards where she had hanged her towel. His eyes followed her movement and she quickly wrapped the towel around herself while trying to avoid meeting his gaze.

“I will be out of the bathroom soon, we can talk then.” She didn’t wait for him to reply, she drew the bath’s curtain and leaned against the wall to support her shaky legs. He entered the bathroom and pulled on the curtain, leaving her exposed once again. She cocked an eyebrow at him and tried to control her heartbeat which was beating so loudly she was sure he could hear the sound.

“I know I have wronged you Damilola, I messed up big time. While I am not trying to blame you, we both had our faults and I should have handled things better. Getting involved with Mirabel was one of the stupidest mistakes I have ever made in my life, it cost me one of the most important things in my life, you. Your getting pregnant for another man was the final straw that broke me but the good Lord in the high heavens know I still love you. I want you to give me a second chance to make things right, I know you still love me and together we can do forever. I love you my Tangy baby.”

She had been expecting it all day long and without a word, she melted into his hands. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips. Her lips were just as soft as he last remembered. His clothes came off as if of their own accord on their way back to the bedroom and soon, they were both panting heavily on the bed as they gyrated to the steady rhythm of two lovers who had been apart for too long.


Gbade was true to his word, he was the perfect boyfriend once again. While Damilola felt elated, Anu took every opportunity to make her disapproval known and surprisingly even endorsed Muyiwa as a better option to Gbade. Anu was of the opinion that had Damilola given birth to the baby, Gbade would most likely not have returned but Damilola was too much in love to care.

Following Gbade’s return, Muyiwa became an absent figure in Damilola’s life and she didn’t notice it until it was time for Gbade to return to America. She suddenly realized that in her happiness to have Gbade back, she had not paid much attention to Muyiwa. Damilola felt a twinge of sadness when she realized she had lost Muyiwa to have Gbade back. Muyiwa barely talked to her and when they did manage to talk, the conversation was always strained.

She was lying in bed beside Gbade who was to return to America the following day. He had been in Nigeria about two months now and during the period, he had vaguely said something about getting married although she had acted like she didn’t hear him. If he wanted to marry her, then he would have to propose in the traditional manner of going on his knees with a proper engagement ring. Her heart went back to Muyiwa and she vowed to see him immediately Gbade’s flight left. They could at least remain friends couldn’t they?


It wasn’t until two days after Gbade left that she finally mustered enough courage to call Muyiwa over the phone and invite him for dinner. He had the same cool tone he had developed since her decision to get back with Gbade but she decided to ignore the cold tone as she tried to joke with him in their usual banter. He was unresponsive.

“What is wrong with you Muyiwa. You have been so cold and distant to me ever since Gbade came back. If there is something bothering you, why not say it so we can talk about it like adults instead of this sullen behavior.”

He was silent for a few seconds and when he finally replied, his tone held a hint of mockery.

“I am sorry your Royal Highness Damilola, I have just been very busy with work and you had your hands full with Gbade as well. It wasn’t like you had the time for anything or anybody else.”

“We are not going to argue about this over the phone. Meet with me today by 6p.m. at my apartment.”

He hesitated before saying, “Alright.”


Damilola wasn’t sure inviting him over was the best thing to have done but she knew she missed him and was anticipating his visit. She missed the way he made her laugh and how they could joke and banter about everything. She loved Gbade and he made her feel alive but not in the same way Muyiwa did.

Am I in love with two men? Damilola thought to herself as she got ready for the evening. There was no future with Muyiwa, he had his precious Halima but then Gbade could also be hooking up with Mirabel again, and after all he had only claimed she was the one. She slammed her makeup box down angrily and plopped into her bed with a heavy sigh. She hated this mixed feelings.

Before leaving, Gbade had revealed he wasn’t coming back for another two years and wanted her to come join him but she wasn’t so sure about that. The life she knew was here in Nigeria, she couldn’t abandon that for a man that had not even popped the question properly, could she?

The doorbell rang just then and jolted her out of her thoughts.

“The ever punctual Muyiwa,”she said as she made for the door.


“What will you have me do Damilola? Hang around like a fool waiting for moments when you are not with your boyfriend?” Your going back to him isn’t the wisest decision you have made since I have known you believe me.” Muyiwa’s voice was raised in a manner that matched the frustration he was feeling. He was standing with his eyes blazing. Damilola had brought up the issue of his avoiding her and his cold behavior shortly after his arrival.

“You also have a girlfriend,” she fired back. “All I am saying is I want the old you back,” she continued heatedly, “the guy that makes me smile and makes me feel special, is that too much to ask? Or is that man gone?”

His face softened a bit as he saw the genuine anguish on her face. He realized he was jealous. Jealous that she had gone back to a man that had hurt her and he was hiding behind his anger. He was shocked at himself, why was he jealous? He had no right to be.

“Don’t you get it Dammy? I am jealous and it’s killing me. I shouldn’t feel this way about you but I do and we both know I have no right to be jealous. Keeping my distance is the best way I know how to keep my sanity. I can’t stand the sight of you two together but you deserve to be happy and since he makes you happy I can’t stand in the way of that.”

Damilola’s eyes misted over. She felt a warm feeling of emotion course through her body.

“I have Halima and God knows I love her and don’t ever want to hurt her so acting the way I have been doing is good for everybody at the end of the day. I can’t be with you without thinking of wanting to kiss you, strip you of your clothes, hug you close to me or cuddle you. You deserve better than Gbade or me, we shouldn’t keep treating you this way…”

Damilola could take it anymore, she stood up and drew him close by his tie. She shut off the rest of his words with a kiss. He groaned deep in his throat and drew her roughly to him, his mouth raping hers. His hand found the mound of her breasts and he squeezed. Her hands flew to his buckle as they stripped each other of their clothes. She was wearing no pants so when he pulled her skirt down, he pushed into her in one quick stroke. She arched her back and they both collapsed on the floor of the living room as he rode her.

“Damilola!” Gbade’s voice broke through the fog of pleasure. Muyiwa jumped off Damilola as if stung and the trio stared at each other. Gbade was standing there, a travelling bag in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other.

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    I l8ve this story. Where is episode 10?


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