These Six Signs Will Let You Know If You Have Ever Been Truly In Love

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Most time, many people tend to mistake the feelings of lust or infatuation for love. The minute you like somebody, you believe yourself to be in love just because you talk everyday and seem to connect and then you complain some few weeks or months later that things aren’t as smooth as they used to be at the beginning. Not to confuse love for any other emotion, I will take a look at seven signs to show you if it it is true love or if you have ever been truly in love.

You are addicted to this person. This is usually the very beginning for most people. It is the obsessive part when you can’t stop thinking about your love interest. It is good to note that as your relationship progresses however, you will less likely have more control of your emotions and the obsessive thinking about them reduces. 

Distances makes your bond grow stronger and not break it. It is only natural to miss a loved one when they have to be away from us but your level of commitment to the relationship will determine how much you miss them. Usually when it is true love, just as you have been obsessive to a point about them, you have this feeling of not being complete when they are not around and life seems much more enjoyable when your loved one is with you.

True love makes you grow as a person. There is a feeling of confidence that comes with being in love. Your sense of self grows and you also pick up some new traits and characteristics from your lover; either you or the people around you notice these changes.

It is definitely true love for you if you are thinking about having a future with them. When you consider your future, this person comes into the picture for you, and as you make plans for the future, you always factor them into the equation. When you start using words like ‘we’ and not “I,” then your emotions are strong enough to be considered love.

You will sacrifice for your lover. A big tell tale sign of being truly in love with a person is when you are ready to make sacrifices. You want to make sure they are as happy as possible and you begin to find yourself doing things you might not have necessarily done on your own but it is always important to remember that it is a two way thing and one shouldn’t completely lose oneself.

You get Jealous but trust your partner: Having feelings of jealousy in a true love affair is not bad for a relationship. People who are jealous tend to be more committed to relationships (Rydell, McConnell, & Bringle, 2004). When you are able to have a healthy dose of jealous but still completely have faith in your partner, then it’s true love.

If you have many of the signs above, then you truly love your partner or have ever once been truly in love with someone you were in a relationship with.

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