why play nude penastory

After a few academic achievements, you feel you are a big girl which I believe you truly are if you do not let it get into your head. You begin to notice what the majority of the people who make up the society accept and what they do not even if it is wrong or right for your age group. You feed your eyes and ears with immoral and ungodly things which are accepted by the majority. At first your conscience tries to eat you up but you proved too tough to be eaten. You begin to give to the society what they directly did not ask you to give. You take quite nasty pictures, make videos of your half or complete nudity, post them on social networks and also send them to friends you believe you can trust.

People especially guys and men who obviously have nothing valuable to offer begin to like your pictures on Facebook, you begin to get unimaginable views on YouTube which makes you happy to the extent you throw a mini party not realizing how far you have gone in making your life a mess. Friends which you consider to be bad and not in vogue advise you but you ignore them and probably insult them while defending yourself. The attention you never got begins to knock on your door in an ‘encouraging’ manner. Guys and men begin to tell you how much they like you and that you are really beautiful. They ask you on dates which you jump at without thinking of what it might result to. They ask you to become their girlfriend then you find yourself shortlisting till you make a final decision. You play hard to get but he already knows how cheap you made yourself. His enticing and sweet words get into your young and growing head and heart and you can not but accept that he is a loving guy so you say “YES” to his big question.

The relationship goes well at first, you send him pictures of your nudity and he gives you replies you want to hear. Then the unproposed happens. He asks for a more intimate relationship and you wonder what is more intimate than what you two had going on. He opens up and becomes more direct with his question. He asks for a sexual relationship. You then tell him a big NO! which is good but you never knew the kind and loving guy was not even an inch close to the adjectives. He becomes infuriated as he tries to let the words sink into his head. Then he posts your nude pictures and videos on the internet with rounds of insult for the world to see or beats you up in which cases you are considered to be lucky because he could also forcefully have his way. Then you cry your eyes out realizing you are a complete mess. You run to friends which you consider to be good but some ditch you and the others tell you to get over it that he was never the right one for you. You go along with them thinking they are making your life better but you still have not figured out that they are one of the sets of people marring your bright future.

Before long you begin to feel okay ready to ‘play another game’ then you get to know that your so called trusted friends told others your life history. You decide to confront your best friend but you received a shocker; she insulted you in public in which case your life history was not far fetched. You cried so hard your head ached pretty bad, you also called yourself degrading names. Mind you, you never told your parents or any relative of yours. You begin to regret turning deaf ears to the good friends you considered bad and not in vogue so you try to reach out to them only for you to discover that they are far gone in the race of life making ways. You become so depressed because you feel you are finished!

Wait!! Change is constant they say. I should not tell you the consequences of such ungodly actions without telling you the fact that you can turn things around. Yes, the mirror is probably broken and it might not be the same way when you arrange the pieces but you can put the pieces together and make your life what people never thought it would be-BRILLIANT! Yes! You made a mistake which you now realize. Are you now going to sit and let your life go without making a sense out of it? No GIRL!! Do not do that! Make a change even if it requires you telling your parents and change of location. It will come with hardship but with God success is closer than you think. MIND YOU!!! Not all guys you meet have ulterior motives. So do not tag every guy as wicked or bad.

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