Let’s Talk About Change

lets talk about change penastory

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and we got caught up on the topic of Politics, in a normal as much as I know how crazy the country is I try not to dwell on it. Interesting as it may be, UNILAG had to shut down for a while which even made politics a little more interesting. He said, we should fight for our rights. He is democratic and everyone needs to be heard but in as much as this is true, I couldn’t help but laugh. Laughed because we are fighting a fight that is bigger than us, I laughed because we are fighting a fight that we know nothing about. Truth be told, what are you fighting for? Freedom? What is that?

Not to long ago I realized that the dictionary just came up with words to deceive people with, like, err, I promise to, I pledge to, I would try my utmost best, but Freedom is possible if we believe it, We can achieve it. The most annoying one I hear from everyone’s mouth is “Yes we can.” In all honesty these lines have been used so much that they have become nothing more than clichés that have lost their meaning.

Let us go back to what we are fighting for. Before putting pen to paper, I had to ask a couple of people about why they complain and protest. Unsurprisingly, they all gave the same answer. They are fighting for their RIGHTS! What are your rights? Lol, we shout “Change! Change!! Change!!! Change must come,” while in reality we are low key saying we are living in a democracy but operating a military life. Yes we are allowed to protest but after protesting what happens next? Are there any changes? You already know the answer but just because I love being right I would love to ring out again a capital NO.

Still on our discussion, my friend went on to say he was going to make a difference with his tenure; he wouldn’t join them. I don’t know why I laughed a lot but I did. I laughed and responded, “no matter how far or fast a dog runs, the owner still knows how to catch the dog.” No matter how much you say you would not be a part of the party, remember you are owned by the party. I then made examples of Mandela, Fela Kuti and MLKJ (Martin Luther King Jnr) only for him to ask me who they are. To think that MLKJ is my role model, but in honest truth they did make a change but it didn’t affect the world, it affected a little fraction. Wherever the good is there’s a whole lot of bad. That’s what killed them.

It is not that I am supporting the government, in all honesty I am indifferent about the world in general. If this government is good to me, “oh well,” if the government is bad to me, “well not like I expected any better.” How can we expect a change in government when we are all the same? In this world we live in, power is what we feed on.

As the discussion with my friend continued, he revealed he has plans to delve into politics, well good fortune to him, but as I was saying, I told you we are all the same. Humans can rule humans. The same way all monkeys crave banana and could fight dearly to get a piece, that is just how we humans crave power and money. Make me the head of my house, let me not go too far a little I would have to have the best serving of food, the one with large assorted meat, and fish and so on. I would be a whole domain. Just my little house would feel like such a kingdom because I could make rules and not care about its consequences even when I said I promise to be calm and willing to serve my house members. The same goes for politics, they all come with the Ying and the Yang and quite unfortunate most people follow the tune of the songs played. I am a little above 18 and yet I begin to wonder why people don’t reason like they ought to. I am a Christian who believes in God but sometimes I tend to understand why scientists think humans evolved from apes.

Going down the discussion lane, I understood that we were made with the same intellectual capacity. Some were created to be followers, some were created to be leaders and a little fraction of the world were created to be indifferent just like me.  It’s quite unfortunate to say that the world has been influenced by the hypocritical illuminations of the world and has been absorbed by its power. Left to me, I couldn’t care less how the world gets but then I would be selfish so I have to have a little care about the world.  So here I am doing what I know best, give my insanely good advice. Think about this, why don’t we start by changing ourselves as individuals? Start with yourself, then your family, then your street, then your community, then your local government, then your state before you think of attacking the country as a whole. I want to start with myself, well I’ve been a little uncaring, I wouldn’t say self-centered because I share my opinions with the world. So look at yourself in the mirror and see what you can do. Trying to quote Michael Jackson.

An Indifferent Nigerian


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