Advice Me: I Am In Love With Three Girls And Don’t Know Which One To Choose

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I want to share my predicament with hopes that I will be getting useful advice. I met the first girl and we got rally close. We talked everyday and feelings started to develop but I was in Awka while she was at Nnewi. I started to ask her out but she was scared so I decided to make the journey to see her over there and it ended in my sleeping over. We didn’t have sex because I respect her, just some hanky panky.  She later told me she wasn’t happy with we had done and our relationship became sore after that experience and she sort of cut me off.

I tried fixing things with her but all was to no avail and after a while, a year or so, I gave up and moved on. It was around this time I met the second girl. Again, I got close to the second girl. Even closer than the first girl but she just broke up with her boyfriend of about four years and she said she was going to have a hard time to have a relationship with me, There was also the factor of distance between us Despite her misgivings, I still tried but again luck refused to shine on me. She started finding faults with my behaviour and when it became too much I let her be. All this happened within the space of three months.

I recently met the third girl. It was the same process of getting close but she is what I can only describe as twisted and difficult to understand. She needs a lot of patience and then out of the blue, the first girl shows up again and our old feelings have been rekindled.

My predicament now is what is true love even though I know which one I am more attracted to, I will like to know which of the three girls I should go with although the second girl and I are kinda done while I still have a good chance with the first and third girl.

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7 Responses to Advice Me: I Am In Love With Three Girls And Don’t Know Which One To Choose

  1. Kute says:

    common go inside and read ur books… it clearly shows ur lusting on dem ….. if u really loved one u won’t have time to see or love d rest two …… u would b finding time to b wit d onw u really love big bakasi nd bobby dey ur eye so .. lol ……no disrespect o


  2. Hillzy says:

    Go for d last one, cos if u truely love d first two u would’nt have fall for d third


  3. Noble says:

    Go and do ur class assignment so that u will get a good job when u grow up and have money.


  4. Hector says:

    I think if u wana hav sex, it just costs 400 naira..


  5. Sule says:

    If you are in love with more than one person, then what’s inside you is no longer a heart but a memory card….


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