Open Letter To My Ex

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

You know, I never used to believe in the old saying, “You never cherish what you have until you lose it,” but the moment I lost and found you, I have to say I had to duff my hat for whoever came up with the saying. Today we should have been two years and about week plus but all thanks to my impatience and perhaps the dumbest decision of my life, we are no more.

Till today, Lumi still finds it hard to forgive me for leaving, Ope still gives me that scornful look whenever we are together and you walk past; Emma has since changed my name to Ode for this same decision; Aju and Dare might never stop asking, “Kunbi but why?” While it took Uzoma and Ifeoma a whole semester to come to the realisation there was no more “US” which equals “U” (IFE MI) + “S” (SILLY KUNBI).

It’s been two years and still no replacement. Not that there have been no others but I guess they don’t understand me like you did. Trust me, I  am not writing all this to get back because I swear with all my achievements thus far that even if God told me to go back, I would beg him not to let me because I don’t deserve you. Not a bit. You deserve someone a whole lot better, someone who would love and cherish you while he still has you.

Time is a treasure that once lost can never be regained. I already lost it one time in failing to treasure you but the last thing I would do now is to lose it again this time by failing to tell you and the world that you- IFE MI is a very special person, godly to a fault, beautiful as a peacock, strong as the Olumo Rock and caring like the Mother Hen. I could go on and on but then I remember what you did on the 1st of April 2014, and I am tempted to take back all my compliments and conclude that the decision of leaving you was probably my best ever yet.

Ife Mi, how could you? Despite all the love and affection I showered on you or wait, did you think I wouldn’t find out? Sorry to break your heart but I did. It still feels like a dream only that I am waiting for someone to wake me up from it. Sade told me all about it. She told me how you decided to go as far Abuja so I don’t suspect a thing but of all people, why did you have to pick Bolu? Bolu; my best friend!

Maybe I won’t have been too pained if I had known earlier. You should have just told me. Ife Mi, you should ha…*sobs* Really, you could have just told me that you and my bestie actually went to Abuja to plan a surprise birthday party for me and the only reason you took it that far was so I don’t get to ruin the surprise by finding out. Well, I guess my stupid insecurity and impatience played out again for the umpteenth time but this time around you were done! You had had enough of my childish acts and despite how much you loved me, you intentionally pushed me to the wall to spill out those words, “I’m done!” Just because you couldn’t stand saying it yourself but you knew it was best you left before I killed someone for your sake. It took me this long to realise that you were the only one in love while for me it was an obsession. Right now, observing from afar, I have learnt to love you and not be obsessed but then I guess it’s too late because you are already with a new guy; your new guy being my best friend Bolu.

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3 Responses to Open Letter To My Ex

  1. Damilola says:

    This is awesome.. Keep up the good work bro


  2. Ayowrites says:

    I hope she is back(did she contact you after this )


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