Now That You Are Here – Episode Ten (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt from episode 9:

She arched her back and they both collapsed on the floor of the living room as he rode her.

“Damilola!” Gbade’s voice broke through the fog of pleasure. Muyiwa jumped off Damilola as if stung and the trio stared at each other. Gbade was standing there, a travelling bag in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other.

To read episode 9: CLICK HERE

Muyiwa was the first to take control. He tried to maintain a bland expression as he stared at Gbade’s face which was contorted in rage and disbelief. Damilola bowed her head in shame and refused to meet Gbade’s gaze after the initial eye contact. Gbade’s eyes darted from the two half naked lovers in front of him and the anger welled up like a storm.

His reaction was so unexpected that it took all of them by surprise.  He hurled the briefcase he was holding at Muyiwa while the box of chocolates was aimed at Dammy’s bowed head. The impact of the hard leather whizzed the breath out of Muyiwa. The briefcase hit him squarely on his bare chest and even in his pain, he heard Damilola’s cry as the chocolate box hit her head. Without pausing, Gbade rushed towards her and dragged her roughly by the hair. He pulled her face close to his and slapped her face, spitting angrily,

“You slut! Cheap whoring bitch!” Another slap followed the outburst and she cried out in pain and terror. She had never seen him so angry before and another slap was about to land on her smarting cheek when Muyiwa who by now had recovered from the impact of the briefcase’s blow pushed Gbade off her and the three crashed to the ground. Gbade landed on his side while Muyiwa fell atop him. Free from her tormentor, Damilola picked herself up and fled the room without a backwards glance, only stopping to pick her discarded clothes, leaving the two men to their punches.


She was crying as she drove blindly to Anu’s house and she didn’t bother to improve her appearance by the time she parked in her best friend’s compound and rushed up the flight of stairs. She banged on the door as if she wanted to bring down the door and Anu opened the door cautiously to see a hysterical Damilola sobbing uncontrollably.

“What’s the matter? Who died? What is wrong with you?” Anu was scared to see Damilola crying so inconsolably and her first thought was that someone had died but she soon heaved a sigh of relief when she began to piece together the details of the story amidst Damilola’s tears. Her expression changed from concern to disgust when she heard Gbade had walked in on Damilola and Muyiwa having sex but that expression soon quickly changed to anger when she heard of the slaps and beating. Anu hugged her friend in pity.

“Hush now baby, it is alright. No one is going to hurt you again.”

Damilola’s tears soon stopped as Anu comforted her. When Anu thought it was safe to broach the subject, she said, “What is going to happen to the two men you left in your apartment? You can’t just leave them in your house Dammy. It is very dangerous, one of them could hurt the other badly and it would be because of you. Gbade is a total pig for hitting you but Muyiwa should have been more reasonable than to attack him. I would have to call Tunji to go over to your place and make sure that everything is alright.”

“No don’t let Tunji know about this, I don’t want your husband to think I am a bad person. Imagine what he would think of me?” Damilola cried frantically.

“Someone has to go there to make sure things are okay and it sure as hell is not going to be me. Trust me, Tunji is not judgmental, you of all people should know that. Gbade will listen to him, they are after all friends in a way.”


The two were gone. That was Tunji’s report when he got back from Damilola’s house. He had been reluctant to get involved when Anu informed him of the situation but upon hearing about Gbade physically assaulting Damilola, he changed his mind and had driven over to her house to check in on the situation. He still couldn’t believe Gbade had hit Damilola. The two shared a strong bond that was not hard to see even for a blind man, or so he had thought. He had even had a wager with Anu about Gbade getting back with Anu before the year ran out.

When he returned from Damilola’s house, he kept his report to the basics. He had gotten to the house and found it empty but with evidence of the tussle that took place evident from the upturned furniture. He was silent when he handed Damilola the key to the house which had been left open.

“What is Gbade doing in Nigeria by the way? I thought he left the country already?”Anu asked later that evening.

“I don’t know. He had only a suitcase with him when he stopped by the house and of course with what he met, there had been no room for conversation.” Damilola replied dryly, she closed her eyes, trying to forget the haunting memories of the day’s ordeal.


Muyiwa called two days after the incident to apologise.

“I am sorry for what happened Damilola. I shouldn’t have lost my cool but I couldn’t stand back and watch him hit you like that. I couldn’t watch that animal treat you like garbage, I had to react. I thought of staying away, to give you time to get yourself together but I have to know that you are okay.”

“It’s alright Muyiwa, he is gone now and that is all that matters. I have allowed myself to be a fool in love for too long. While there might not be much of a future with you, I feel safer with you.” Even as she said it, the guilt flooded her.

The relationship with Gbade wasn’t right, there was Halima, and all the other things to consider. Anu’s probing eyes wasn’t helping matters. She had not been able to go back to her own house since the incident and had continued to stay on at Anu’s. Luckily Tunji had thought it wise to bring her mobile phone along with him. Muyiwa promised to call her later in the day and after hanging up the phone, she met Anu’s full glare.

“When will you learn Damilola? Tell me! Is it until when Halima catches you herself? Don’t be stupid, you are smarter than all of these, I see nothing but trouble. Leave Muyiwa alone, in time you will find your own man. Your relationship crashed because of another woman and now you are willing to wreck another’s? Are you that self-centered and heartless? Have you lost your humanity? You enjoy this idea of two men fighting over you don’t you? Grow up Damilola, grow up! We are no longer kids that need to feel special by playing men.”

Damilola knew Anu was right and kept silent. Trying to defend herself would only lead to an argument.

“I will be going back home today. Thank you so much for the hospitality Anu, you have been the best of friends anyone could ask for.”

Anu rolled her eyes unimpressed and shook her head resignedly, “If that is your way of trying to get me to shut up, you won’t say I didn’t warn you.”


“I am pregnant Muyiwa.”

Muyiwa’s face widened and if he could see the utter amazement on his own face, maybe he would have smiled. Halima was calmer than he would have expected when she delivered the news. She was staring at him, trying to read his reaction so he quickly masked the emotions he was feeling. Different thoughts crossed his mind as he stared at her pretty face; she had been there for him when things had been bad and he felt a weight on his chest, he had not been good to her. He had had everything in total control just before Damilola waltz into their lives and everything went upside down.

It had been war for Halima’s parents to accept him due to his Christian background. They were strong Muslims, her saying she wanted to marry a Christian had been caused a divide that had not been fully resolved. He couldn’t ruin it, not after all they had been through. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration trying to avoid her eyes. She was staring at him with those large eyes, making him uncomfortable, waiting for him to say something.

“What is it Muyiwa, you haven’t said a word. What are we going to do?” Her words were laced with fear and uncertainty.

“We are going to get married.” He said without thinking.

Her face lit up in happiness, it was like watching the sun burst out of a dark cloud and she screamed in joy, clapping her hands together gleefully. She threw herself at him and planted a kiss on his face. Muyiwa wished he could feel the same joy she was feeling, his thoughts were on Damilola. What was he going to tell her? How was she going to take the news? She was certainly going to be hurt and he wished there was something he could do about that. It took all his will to concentrate on Halima who was gushing about the wedding and when they should tell their families. He nodded and smiled, giving the right responses and when he finally managed to escape, he called Damilola and asked to see her. It had to be done sooner rather than later.


Damilola was feeling excited, it was now three weeks since the incident and although she spoke with Muyiwa on the phone constantly, they had not met physically. It was like they were avoiding the rift that seemed to have been caused by Gbade who nobody had heard from again since the incident. Damilola had pressed Muyiwa on what happened that night and all he would say was that Gbade had stormed out of the house cursing and threatening.

The occasion felt special enough for Damilola that she decided to dress up. She wore a blue jumpsuit which had cutouts in the front to show her belly button. She brushed her hair till it was hanging in loose waves down her shoulder and she adorned her neck with the pearls her father had bought for her three years ago. It had cost her father a small fortune. He didn’t give gifts all the time but when he did, he went all out. She wore the pearls only on special occasions and this was special enough an occasion for her. She smiled in anticipation when she heard the doorbell ring and walking quickly to the door, she opened it and threw her arms around Gbade’s neck. She noticed the tired look in his eyes and his cold response, her enthusiasm dimmed a bit. He quickly disengaged himself from her embrace and headed straight for the mini-bar. He poured himself a drink of brandy and gulped it down in one gulp before he poured another drink from the vodka bottle. She stared at him wondering what was going on. She felt a sense of trepidation rise in her when he finally turned to face her.

“Is anything the matter Muyi? You are scaring me.”

He stared at her with a rueful smile on his face, “I am getting married Dammy.”

Her heart stopped in her chest.  The pearls suddenly felt like they were burning her skin and she searched his face anxiously. He took a sip of vodka, his gaze was even. He was serious, there was no doubt about it, she could tell from his face. She turned and fled the room.

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  2. Reloaded says:

    This post needs serious editing. Biko, do something about it. You should have gone thru it before posting.


  3. Pat says:

    I love love love this series. I’m trying not to be judgemental but seriously that Damilola girl is something else. She is the cause of her problems. Lol,ive forgotten it’s all made up and I’m deep in my feels but damn. There are people like her in reality who always make themselves the victim when they are the cause of their problems


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