4 Quick Ways Of Overcoming Heartbreak Or Getting Over An Ex

tips on getting over an ex penastory

At one point or the other in our lives we have all felt betrayed or heartbroken by that special someone who we thought was the centre of our universe. While some shed the tears freely and succumb to depression, others find a way of growing stronger and getting over it. Below I have listed four simple tips on getting over the seemingly difficult situation.

Get Busy. The first thing I have learnt from life is that when your heart love is breaking, and it seems your entire world has been shattered into a million pieces, the best thing to do is to get busy. It will be difficult at first but you in your best interest, look for something to keep busy with as being busy helps get your mind off the person. Focus your energy into something positive, if you channel your anger, depression, hate and sadness rightly, you will be surprised at what you can achieve. If you can’t seem to find something to keep you busy, you can start by giving yourself the strenuous task of picking up those million pieces that your world got shattered to (that should keep you busy enough till the world ends).

Hang Out With Friends and Loved Ones. If you are the type that believes cutting yourself off from family and friends during this dark time is the best thing, you are totally wrong. You need all the loving of your best pals and family to help keep you moving. Depression sets in when you brood so it is best you don’t allow the the bitter memories of your crashed relationship keep you from having cherished moments with those that truly care about you. Nothing kills your ex more than knowing that you have a good life without them and your happiness doesn’t rely solely on them. Your family and friends keep you from having feelings of worthlessness and your self esteem is kept high.

Get Grooving. People think it is not a right time to go partying when you just break up but I say the best time to have a good time is while trying to get over your ex or going through heartbreak. So he dumped you or she said it is over? Get out your dancing shoes, if you are a girl, slap on some lipstick and get grooving. Go out and show that you can be happy without the person that hasn’t been able to see your worth. You were fine before this person came along and you will still be fine without having them in your life. Flirt with other guys/girls and feel young at heart but note that you shouldn’t get carried away while doing this so you don’t end up with another failure.

Get Laid. Yes I said it! A good lay is one heartbreak healing therapy that many fail to recognize. Why sit and brood over someone that has moved on with their life, the first thing that can help you get over him/her is to get their stink off you. Pick that charming guy or that good looking girl that has always been tempting while you were in a relationship and have some fun, who knows you might even like it better with the fling and turn it permanent! While many will disapprove of this tip, countless people have testified about it being helpful so it’s about personal choice.

So there you have it, my very own tips for healing a broken heart or getting over an ex. If any of this doesn’t work for you, feel free to follow me on Twitter and  Instagram @thatboyakinwale, I will follow back before you kill yourself with grief and sadness (at least I will know I have one permanent follower that won’t unfollow me). Do remember that heartbreak only lasts for as long as we really want them to.

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2 Responses to 4 Quick Ways Of Overcoming Heartbreak Or Getting Over An Ex

  1. Young Troll says:

    Send your ex a video of you banging a new pair of gaint boobs….trust me u’ll get over her


  2. Rhita says:

    After all this, you still won’t be able to sleep at night.


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