Love, Sex And Money

love sex and money penastory

Love, don’t we all seek it? Sex, don’t we all crave it? Money, don’t we all want it? Everybody wants something, we all want to have something  or someone but it all depends on what you are seeking for. Are you in a relationship for the love, the sex or the money? The trio of love, sex and money are three essential ingredients needed to make a relationship work because when one is missing, then you can expect nothing but doom for such a relationship.

The first ingredient of love is very important for the success of any relationship. You can’t be happy with someone you don’t love and that is why most of us would rather opt for that special person that makes us feel good. Nobody wants to be left alone on a cold night with nobody to cuddle with or somebody to hold our hand and come home to to just talk. The more you love a person, the more willing you are to make it work with and you wouldn’t want to give things up quickly. Most couples break up when they feel that the love is no longer there and they start talking  about ‘missing the happy days.’ Here are some simple tips to keep your love life active:

  • Be attentive to your lover and his/her feelings – this always makes them feel loved
  • Do the occasional surprise gifts – they are usually delightful and doesn’t have to be too expensive (women love gifts especially)
  • Communicate – the more you talk, the closer you get

Moving on from love, we have the vital ingredient of sex. Common, you were not honestly thinking that it takes only love to make a relationship work were you?  I know many of you have been scrolling down for me to get to this part and finally we are here. For some, the sex life is more important than every other thing in the relationship, do note however that just because the sex is great doesn’t mean you are a compatible couple. Mind blowing sex might not be enough reason to keep you happy in a relationship but it is no excuse for lackluster sex either. If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right. After being together for a while, most couples would complain of their sex life getting boring or the lack of one, instead of letting things deteriorate, spice things up.

  • Don’t be afraid to try out new things –  so long as both of you are comfortable
  • Never ever draw a timetable for sex – it takes the spark out and makes it a routine
  • Take active part – don’t just lie there, do something!
  • Be considerate – make sure your partner is also being pleasured

Money they say is the root of all evil so it is only natural therefore if we say money is the third element. Don’t be deceived when you hear sexy singer Waje singing about being somebody’s girl for one naira or ‘Aye’ hit maker Davido crooning about his girl not wanting Ferrari or designers. Truth is, money makes the world go round, and nobody is going to love you completely if some money is not involved. Unable to treat your girl to a good date would definitely make her want to give that rich guy a second look. Like Chris Brown so nicely put it the girls are not loyal ‘when a rich nigger you and  your boyfriend can do nothing for you.’  Even a Unilag babe would ask for chicken and chips for you to impress her that you are not a chewing boy. However it is essential not to make money the priority in any relationship, a guy is not a bank account you can withdraw from and before you can even have access to withdraw, you must have made some good deposit in his life.

  • If you feel someone is with you because of your money – leave them
  • Love with sense – always put your career in mind as well, make some money
  • Your boo’s money is not your money, work for yours

Love, sex and money can make or break your relationship; take control of them and use them to your advantage. The three factors account for many relationship troubles but knowing how to handle them can also mean that they work to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to give some good loving, keep the sex  mind blowing, and of course keep the cash flowing according to your resources.


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One Response to Love, Sex And Money

  1. Ivory's Pen says:

    Sex is good. However, Sex is now overated. When Sex is misuse, it leads to lots of pain, trauma, abuse, unwanted pregnancy which eventually leads to abortion. When having this abortion, it could lead to the womb been damaged, or the lady in
    question dieing as a result of excessive bleeding. Having Sex is now so Overemphasized that our youths and teenagers feel they are abnormal if they don’t have Sexual partners. They feel” everyone is having Sex but me”.


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