My Take On Patience Jonathan And Aisha Buhari’s Chat Leak

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

PATIENCE: Aisha how far?
AISHA: Mama P, I dey ooo
PATIENCE: How Aso Rock dey treat una?
AISHA: My sister…we are managing
PATIENCE: Confirm! Anyways, why I buzzed you is because I have a small problem
AISHA: Ehehn! What is it?
PATIENCE: Well, I have a couple of my god daughters and sons getting married this year as well as some birthdays and corporate events and I want the best for them in all retrospect so I don’t know if you have any ideas in mind.AISHA: Well, when planning for events like this, some certain things are very vital. Things like the food, drinks, venue just to mention a few but one mistake we all make is focus too much on the above that we leave out another very critical one.
PATIENCE: Hmmm, what is that my sister?
AISHA: The hosting!!! Who is the Master of Ceremonies? Is it someone who has a good command of English and composure? Is it someone who is very cautious and cracks ethical jokes? Is it someone that knows how to carry the audience along regardless the age group? Is it one who is very affordable but yet 100% executive? Is it one who knows the importance of looking good and making your event a memorable one?
PATIENCE: Hmmm….do you know anyone with all this attributes???
AISHA: Yes ooo! I met a young man by name KUNBI BLACK recently and my God I was more than impressed. Got to know he works on the radio (UnilagFm), Tv (Nigezie), acts as well as produces comedy contents in form of videos and shows.
PATIENCE: Wow! I love this guy already, how can I reach him?
AISHA: Very simple…follow him on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook-@KunbiBlack or you can add him on whatsapp-09023147984 or bbm-7B23E1B2 or better still holla his management(Cloud Magic Concepts)- 09053001412/08101951320
PATIENCE: My amiable first lady thanks a bunch. You have just made my day! My regards to  Sai Baba
AISHA: Haba! Whalai no problem at all, what are friends for? Greet Jona for me too. Later!


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One Response to My Take On Patience Jonathan And Aisha Buhari’s Chat Leak

  1. Abdul john says:

    What a way to market self, God bless our hustling


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