Now That You Are Here – Episode Eleven (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt From Episode 10:

Her heart stopped in her chest.  The pearls suddenly felt like they were burning her skin and she searched his face anxiously. He took a sip of vodka, his gaze was even. He was serious, there was no doubt about it, she could tell from his face. She turned and fled the room.

To read episode 10: CLICK HERE

Muyiwa caught her by the arm just as she was about to grab the door, jerking her back more forcefully than he had intended. She fell into him and he staggered a bit, his hold loosening and she attempted to run again but he was quicker than her and had her by the arm again. He turned her around to face him. Her face was a mix of different emotions he could not begin to decipher and she pounded at his chest angrily.

“Let me go damn it!” The tears flowed freely from her eyes as she pummeled his chest.

“Just calm down and listen to me Damilola. I didn’t mean to hurt you with the news like that but I have no choice. Halima is pregnant.”

Damilola raised her tear streaked face up to him, the news sinking in.

“Let go of me Muyiwa,” she said in a quiet voice. It was like the energy was drained out of her as her fist stopped the pummeling and she sagged against him.

“Please,” she added in a hoarse whisper.

Muyiwa looked like he was going to protest but a resigned look crossed his face and he released her reluctantly. She dropped to the floor listlessly, wiping the tears away. He joined her on the floor and cradled her head in his laps, stroking her hair. The two of them remained that way, neither saying a word to break the silence except for the sound of their breathing breaking the silence. When it seemed like she had finally gotten herself together, she asked without raising her head,

“When is the wedding?” She didn’t wait for a reply before she continued, “I should have seen today coming, it’s not like there was a future for us anyway. What was I really thinking? That you were going to leave Halima to be with me? Lord bless that sweet angel’s soul, I don’t think even I could have done that to her. Isn’t it funny that I complained bitterly and felt like my whole life was crashing just because another bitch had my man and now here I am, crying over another woman’s man…?” Her voice trailed off.

Muyiwa kissed her forehead gently. His action seemed to let loose something in her because she began to talk. For about two hours, Damilola kept talking. From Gbade to Muyiwa to John, it was like she had a lot she needed to get out of her system and ever the patient listener, Muyiwa let her talk. At last she drifted off into sleep and gently as if afraid to wake her and upset her all over, he carried her into her bedroom and laid her gently on the bed, brushed his lips gently over hers before heading out of the house.


Damilola came to slowly the next morning, at first she was disoriented to find herself fully clothed and in bed but the memories of the previous day came flooding back and she sighed, rolling onto her side wishing she didn’t have to stand up. She remained that way for ten minutes trying to get her thoughts together, she felt weak and empty when she finally dragged herself out of bed and began to prepare for the day.

“I have to move on with my life. No Muyiwa, No Gbade,” she said out aloud as if talking to the empty house would help fill the hollowness she felt in her heart.

“Having been through heartbreak with Gbade, this should be small compared to what have gone through already.”

She soon decided it was best she left the house and head over to Anu’s, it was better to be with her best friend than to keep talking to herself in the house.

Anu is most likely going to give me the “I told you this was bad for you” attitude, she thought but at that moment she didn’t mind. It was better to hurt with Anu present than to hurt in silence.  She laughed mirthlessly, Anu is the only person I can talk too after all, maybe her chiding would help me make better decisions next time. With that settled, she drove out of the compound, her heart aching heavily.


“He is what?” Anu’s face was a mask of incredulity and her voice couldn’t have sounded more shocked.

“Men are such pigs, so after deciding that he is done with you, he is deciding to wife Halima. Just look at yourself Damilola, a beautiful thing like you settled for side chick position when a lot of men out there would be glad to have you. Now he is dumping you for his wife material.” Anu hissed disgustedly, trying to control the anger she was feeling.

“Muyiwa is not like that,” Damilola said in a weak voice. “Halima is pregnant hence the reason why they have to get married. Muyiwa loves me…”

“Loves you?” Anu cuts in angrily, jumping to her feet, “love you my foot! That guy is just some sick bastard playing games with you while enjoying some free pussy by the side. He doesn’t love either of you, not you and definitely not Halima! I don’t believe in all this complicated love triangle babes. Wake up and see him for what he really is, another player that likes to eat his cake and have it. Halima is such a sweet girl, she shouldn’t be marrying that animal.”

“But Anu, you have barely even spent time with Muyiwa. He is sweet and caring and really there is nothing he could have done to help the situation on ground.”

“Just listen to yourself, ‘he is sweet and caring and really there is nothing he could have done to help the situation on ground. Whatever happened to remaining faithful? How long are you going to keep playing the broken hearted girl? Where the hell is the Dammy I know? That no nonsense girl, what potion has he given you to make you so soft? When did you grow into this lovey mushy, sentimental idiot?”

“There is no potion Anu.”

“This madness has gone on for too long, I would be a very bad friend if I let this nonsense go on. It is time I do something about it. I have watched you make a fool of yourself just because I felt you knew what you were doing but it’s apparent you don’t. Halima and I need to have a talk. She must not marry that pig, pregnancy or no pregnancy.”

“Don’t do anything stupid Anu. Let it be!”

“Let’s see you try and stop me Damilola. I am doing this not just for you but for the good of all involved. He can’t destroy people’s lives the way he thinks is necessary. If he is cheating on her now, what will he do when they are married? There will simply be another you! Halima deserves better, just think of what she did for you when…”

“I know, you don’t have to remind me.”

“My mind is made up, and don’t you even tell me to mind my business otherwise you shouldn’t have dragged me into it in the first place.”

“Whatever you do, don’t do anything crazy, I know what you are capable of.”

“A bad relationship is easier to walk out of than a bad marriage that is all I have to say.”


Anu hurried into the almost empty restaurant and sighted Halima almost immediately.  Halima was sitting at the far end of the restaurant with her back to the door, her dark head was bent over a magazine on the table. Anu paused for a minute by the entrance of the restaurant, unsure of herself. Was she doing the right thing? She sighed resignedly, someone had to do it, someone had to tell Halima of Muyiwa’s infidelity with Damilola before it was too late.  As she walked towards the table Halima was sitting, Anu felt a sense of betrayal coming over her but she quickly shut it out. I am simply trying to save them from themselves, she chided herself silently.

“I am so sorry I am late Halima, I got caught up in this stupid Lagos traffic. You know how it can be.” She said as she reached the table, touching Halima by the shoulder. Halima looked up with a welcoming smile on her pretty face.

“It’s no problem Anu. How are you doing, and how is your husband?” She laughed and continued, “I should not even be asking that silly question. Look at you, you are practically glowing.”

Anu’s laugh sounded strained even to her own but if Halima thought anything was amiss, she didn’t let on. She seated herself, wondering how to break the news to Halima.

“I do hope that Muyiwa would be as loving and caring when we are married. You know the way men can be, always so sweet and caring during courtship but then they start to misbehave when you are married to them.”

Anu’s ear perked at that, this was her cue if she was to broach the subject of cheating.

“About that Halima, are you sure you really want to get married just yet? I mean pregnancy is not enough reason to get married to a guy.”

Halima’s face puckered slightly, a frown marring her pretty face and she looked at Anu questioningly.

“Tell me you are not serious about that? How can you ask if I want to get married to Muyiwa?” Her voice sounded incredulous. “He is the love of my life and the pregnancy is simply hastening what we have always both wanted. I love him and he loves me, he makes me happy and nothing would make me happier than being his wife. He is a rare guy.”

“When you say rare, what do you mean?”

Halima’s eye lighted up. “He is so sweet and caring, he treats me with the utmost respect and puts my feelings first. Just consider the way he quickly asked me to marry me when I told him I am pregnant. He knew it would be scandalous if my parents find out that I am pregnant but with the marriage they would be pacified. He doesn’t even look at any other girl but me, what more can I ask for?”

Anu rolled her eyes, “Are you sure he doesn’t look at other women? After all they say all men cheat”

Something in Anu’s tone sent warning signals to Halima and she looked intently at the other woman in front of before replying.

“Of course I am sure he doesn’t look at other women. I was at first suspicious of him and your friend Damilola but looking at those two, you can tell they are just friends. Damilola is a respectable woman and Muyiwa is a good man.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Anu replied sarcastically, feeling her throat go dry. This was the moment of truth. “Are you really that naïve that you want to honestly tell me that in your heart of hearts, you believe those two are just friends?”

The warning bells in Halima’s head seemed to be ringing louder but she tried to quell them and adjusted uncomfortably in her seat, taking a sip of the drink she ordered shortly before Anu’s arrival.

“Is there something you are insinuating Anu? Tell me, is there something I should know, after all you are friends with Damilola.”

Anu felt tempted to blurt it out then but something about Halima’s troubled face stopped her. Halima’s beautiful face was marred with anxiety. Anu felt torn between telling the truth and changing the topic. At last she answered.

“I am not saying there is anything other than friendship going on between them. All I am saying is that you should look closely before you take a leap. Marriage is not something one should rush into.” Shrugging nonchalantly, Anu laughed and continued, “enough of all these depressing talks, what plans have you started making for the wedding?”

Halima’s face relaxed as she launched into talks about the upcoming wedding.


Damilola jumped down from the chair. She had just installed a camera in her bedroom and she looked at her handiwork with satisfaction. From the angle it was in, the camera took in the entire room while leaving it undetected to an unsuspecting eye.

She had called Muyiwa earlier in the day and asked to see him so they could have a serious talk before his wedding. She still couldn’t believe the wedding was less than two weeks away, everything seemed like such a nightmare and the weeks seemingly rolling into the other.

Following his announcement, he had been avoiding her and she felt slighted. Whatever it was they had was gone. He barely called her again and when they did talk, the conversation sounded strained and stilted. It was like being polite with a stranger.

After an intense mind racking, Damilola had decided to give it one more try and get him back. If he refused, she would be left with no other choice but this. She knew it was a desperate attempt but she didn’t care, she was a scorned woman who was willing to do anything she had to. She had to get the love of her life back. Giving the camera another smile, she went into the bathroom to get ready for the night’s seduction.

He was punctual as usual and she sashayed to the door in the slinky blue gown that she had bought specially for the occasion. She had not bothered with underwear and her breasts jutted out proudly, straining against the thin fabric of the dress. She opened the door and welcomed him with a glowing smile, trying to make she acted natural just like the old times.

“You have been avoiding me Muyiwa. That is not too good you know.” She said after he was seated.

“I have been extremely busy Damilola. You and I both know that too much contact between us is not good. We had a good time but we both know there is no future for it. I just don’t want to encourage it anymore especially not if it is going to affect my marriage or your chances of getting yourself a good person.”

“Just because we are ending the affair doesn’t mean we can’t be good friends Muyiwa. We were friends before all of this started. Neither one of us planned to fall in love.” She moved closer to him, taking his hand in hers. He stood up quickly as if burnt but she was quick and rose with him, clasping her hands tightly around his neck.

“In the meanwhile, you can’t just end everything without a proper goodbye. So consider this our last roll in the haystack before you tie the knot. I am not willing to stand in the way of your happiness.” As she talked, she unbuttoned his shirt and teased his ear playfully with her tongue.

“We really shouldn’t do this Damilola.” He protested in a weak tone. She silenced him with a kiss, taking his hand and placing it on her breasts. He kissed her back. Mission accomplished.

“Let’s go to the bedroom, I don’t want to forget this last time.”

This time around, he didn’t argue with her, like a lamb being led to the slaughter, he followed her.

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4 Responses to Now That You Are Here – Episode Eleven (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

  1. Reloaded says:

    How can Damilola be so selfish? Why would you do that to a fellow woman when you know firsthand how much betrayal hurts? It’s not like she’s on a revenge mission or something so why so desperate to hurt Halima all for selfish reasons.


  2. adedoyin says:

    damilola sha, is nuh fair and i pity poor halima.


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