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Pressure! It’s all around us, we all have it, we all deal with it, some of us better than others. There comes a point in your life where you will come to something that’s more than what you can bear. The society says be yourself and when you are doing just this, they go ‘not like that.’ Do you smile always, greet people cheerfully and act like all is perfect but nobody knows you have got a bonfire on your head? Do you keep taking more responsibilities, giving more and more of yourself without taking account until you get to a point where you are tired? Or perhaps you are the hero in your family, workplace and among your friends, the Olivia Pope everyone looks to fix everything and you don’t know if you can go on. Are you sick and tired of always being on duty? Are you secretly suffering and wondering if anyone cares? Life itself is pressure: age is pressure, love is pressure, power is pressure. We keep asking for “stuff” and “stuff” is pressure.

Pressure comes when there is no release so to handle pressure effectively you have got to find a release. To start with, if you are a people pleaser, you have got to learn to say no and refuse “too much.” No. I can’t do it, no. I’m not coming, no. I am tired. You have just got to be honest with yourself. There has to come a point in your life where you stop living to other people’s expectations. It’s crucial to understand that you can’t be everywhere all the time.

Pressure builds in silence. When we feed way more than people are feeding us, it creates pressure. It is important to look at how many people you got looking to you and then count how many you have got giving to you. How many people are giving as much as they are taking? How is your head? Are you despairing of life itself? Are your pressures so great that you can’t tell nobody?  Your inability to cut things off will definitely overwhelm you because you can’t let go of it and it’s killing you. This is your breaking point. The tipping point where you can’t stand it anymore.

Perhaps you are at this point, perhaps you are approaching it, I don’t care how deep you are intellectually or how smart or tough or spiritual you are, pressure is a big deal that we can all relate to. If you are pressured beyond your strength and you are secretly crying till no sound escapes your lungs and secretly wondering if anyone cares, remember someone cares. Cast all your cares and burdens to he that cares and let Him help you lighten your weight load.

Have a lovely day ahead!

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