Who Man Without A Woman? – DAMILARE HOSENI

 who man without a woman penastory
It is generally believed that men and women are inherently distinguishable, yet amidst this encompassing thought lies a certain uneasiness.
There tend to exist the impossibility of thought and wits as patriarchal laws solely grounds the initiation of our nature. Back in the days as a boy, the observable trend I could muster was limitless, “strong boys; weak girls, boys take the lead; girls follow.” Centred around this depth of logical muse, I could fathom the mystery of nature that holds the belief of the stronger sex.

As I peered into nature, I found this order violated and manhandled by the weaker sex, their terrestiality as created by the stronger sex became an oppressor unto human kind as they stood to claim what was rightfully theirs. Politics, Media, Education, Oil and Gas, Banking sector became overtly flooded with them, their twin chest ball attribute overwhelmed the global kingdom as their contributions attained tremendous heights.
Dejected and humiliated felt we! Lost and dumped we hoped and tarried with naked hope. Must we stand aside and look? Has karma gotten us? Yet we fail to discover that no injustice is greater than Man to Woman in his oppressing soulful zone. Have we ever paused to think of how life would be without woman? Empty as a ghost town, dreadly as a grave yard. We have them all around us: at home, in school,in the office, in church, in the community and the globe. They deserve to be loved. Are they weak without us? Are we stronger without them?
Yet, the lost and not so taken cognizance thought we have forsaken is that “we have not realised the value of replication God has blessed her with.” She wallows in pain for 9 months; uneasy and troubled, she bares with dignity the stress of pregnancy. You and I would not have existed without her, I would never have had the joy and pride of being an aspiring father without her – yet we complain!
If you call yourself a stronger sex,let me see your hands in the air? Maybe you should harbour a foetus in you for few months. Haha! What a sight that would be to see man in labour. Let us ponder and criticise our thoughts, let us bring ourselves to the bank of the river of rationality as we retrace our steps back into her arms.
Yes! Her arms is the home I long to be. Home in her physique.
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One Response to Who Man Without A Woman? – DAMILARE HOSENI

  1. Imran Ali says:

    We are equal but we are not the same – http://wp.me/p5sKku-u


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