Advice Me: My Boyfriend’s Attitude Changed Since He Relocated

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Hello PAS Readers,  we got this email and as usual we want your mature comments on the relationship at hand. Read the dilemma of this woman having problems with her long distance relationship.

Find email below:

Good day to you all..Please,,I would like to share my story with you all, as this stressed me out emotional at times and I don’t know what to do.
I am 27yrs currently in a relationship of a year with a man of 34years.. We met online, and we have been able to meet couple of times.. At first,,it was a smooth and lovely relationship as we were able to see each other more often But the problem started when he relocated to Ibadan for end means.. The communication aspect is still as strong as ever as we do call each other regularly but we have not seen each other since last year October..
Am not happy with this at all,,I propose seeing him at his base but he declined saying he wants to change apartment and as such I should not bother to come,,I also ask him to come to my place but he keeps on giving me excuse that he is busy(as he works in a bank) and that he has not yet settle down financially (am not after his money,,all I want is his love,,I am satisfied with my little earning)…Till date,,we have not set eyes on each other but we do communication very well.. I am not happy as I didn’t get to see him and I have tried talking to him about it on several occasion but its seems all is going on deaf ears.. Please my people,,I don’t know what to do and I can’t just ignore that aspect as am not getting younger…(note: I’ve not meet with any of his family members and vise versa).. Please,,I need mature and sincere advice..please

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5 Responses to Advice Me: My Boyfriend’s Attitude Changed Since He Relocated

  1. Ann says:

    I think you should pray seriously about the relationship and ask God for his will. I am just a year younger than u and I had the exact situation. I begged God to bring an end to time wasters and he made me realise that I was the one wasting my time coz the guy wasn’t his will for me. Am telling u after constant crying to God in a week my ‘BF’ ended d relationship telling me he didn’t want to waste my time anylonger.( U can imagine) after 2 years of praying that he got a job and he got one and relocated to Port Harcourt he was done wasting my time. Pray,keep an open mind and may Gods will be done.


  2. Dave says:

    Please,can I ask you a question? Have you slept with this guy or has he proposed to you?Again,you sounded very desperate.You don’t need to be desperate at all because you also have your dignity to protect.You need to know your values and worth before a man just to avoid being taken for granted.Please, put everything in God’s hand and let him take control of the situation.


  3. Ted says:

    Am laughing in Swahili; my dear, leave this one chance alone. Either he is married and probably leaves with his family or has a very serious relationship. You were a fling simple. He doesn’t have time to come and visit you and doesn’t want you to visit, what else is puzzling in this simple arithmetic for you to understand. Do you have just fish brain or what? Lord have mercy. Frankly, am puzzled that you are puzzled.


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