Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Being in a long distance relationship can sometimes be a drag or out rightly frustrating. Your friends have their lovers around them while yours is miles away from you.  It is not your fault you got struck by cupid’s arrow and the object of your affection happens to be on the other side of the world. Thoughts of how it cannot work is running through your mind and you are about to give up on your long distance relationship? Not to worry, here are a few tips that might help you.

Talk always. The fact that you are in a long distance relationship automatically means you can not get to see your boo all the time or as much as you want. Substitute the physical contact with constant communication. You cannot talk too much to each other and luckily we live in a modern age where there are so many cool channels of communication. Explore the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, 2go, Badoo, WeChat, Snapchat, MySpace and the common instant messaging platforms of BBM or Whatsapp. Talking with each other always helps take away the feeling of being alone and makes you feel connected to him or her. The more you talk, the more the distance seems meaningless.

Be honest. Just like every other relationship, long distance relationships become useless and pointless when it is built on lies. Be opened and honest with your lover. Telling him/her the truth allows for the relationship to grow smoothly. However in being honest, be careful not to talk about unnecessary things like who you are having a crush on or the new guy or girl that caught your fancy.

Visit each other. You would have probably heard the saying that distance is crap when the love is true. To an extent this may be true but there are times when you feel so alone that you feel you need to see your special someone. Distance makes the heart grow fonder but you make your presence also valueable so that your absence is meaningful. Plan visits to see one another and make sure it is convenient for the both of you. Whoever is traveling to see who must be totally comfortable and all necessary arrangements must be made with all details checked before the trip is embarked on. Having a visit schedule on how often you want to see each other usually helps like whether you want to see once or twice a month.

Video chat. While planning trips or the hassles of a travel may be a bit expensive or stressful for you. It costs less in terms of energy and money to video chats. Don’t just talk over the phone or chat, try and see each other through video chats. Take advantage of Skype and get chatting, it helps take away the strain of not seeing each other.

Surprises. Who says you can’t have all the thrills of a normal relationship in a long distance relationship? Spice your relationship by surprising your darling with the occasional gifts (not necessarily something too expensive), send e-cards, pay a surprise visit (don’t do anything too crazy though). Stuffs like this helps keep the excitement in the relationship.

Do things together. Your friends are going on dates with their sweeties and you are stuck at home with no one to cuddle with, don’t get all moody, there are many things to keep you occupied. Find something doing with your loved one. You can both decide to watch a movie together simultaneously and talk about it as it goes on, play online games together, send pictures to each other to show off your new look, a new dress or that nice shoe you just got.

Try making that long distance relationship work, don’t just give up on it!

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