The Best Gift To Give A Loved One

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I currently did a random vox pop asking people what they felt was the best to give as a gift to a loved one. I know you just tried answering the question yourself, believe me when I tell you, “you are wrong!” My dear, the major problem with this our generation is that we have over the years allowed the media and what some group of people say become our daily guide as to what we eat, wear, do and even say. Chaiiii!!! As a matter of fact, more often than not, I continually meet young minds who no longer think for themselves.

Like my dad would say whenever you correct him on a wrong fashion pattern.

“Me: Haba!!! Dad, you can’t wear a cheque shirt with a pattern tie…your tie should be plain.

Dad: Taaaahhhh!!!! A beg make I hear word. Who talk am?

Me: It’s just the normal fashion trend

Dad: Who made the rules?

Me: Fashion bloggers and stylists

Dad: So, one person just woke up one morning and gave the rule and we all should just start following it shey? That means, if the same people came up with the opposite as the right thing, we would also follow…mtschew!!!”

No matter how conventional you might regard my dad, the man has a candid point. In the long run, all the rules we follow on social media and TV were all made by humans like us. Hence, I want you to start thinking for yourself and stop following the regular cliché of getting your loved ones the regular (shirts, dresses, watches, shoes, bags, perfume e.t.c).

You need to start thinking deeply for yourself and trust me, you will sure find something. As for me, I found mine…The greatest gift to give a loved one is ACCESS! Access to your life is not given to just anybody because it’s your privacy and it means a whole lot. When you do so, you are showing someone so much love.

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One Response to The Best Gift To Give A Loved One

  1. Mojisola says:

    Credit / top up their account unexpectedly, which can be useful at that moment they are broke and scared of asking someone…


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