The Deep Roots Of Bitterness – OWOEYE JESULOBA GRACE

the deep roots of bitterness penastory

The deep roots of bitterness is a very serious matter. You weren’t like this before, what ever happened to you? What was your wasp? Have you been hurt by someone, and you have refused to forgive the person or you did something stupid and you can’t let go and forgive yourself? Perhaps, you didn’t have enough love; nobody loved you right, the absence of a good mama or maybe it was a messed up childhood. Have the effects of what you did or what “they” did left you cold, bitter, disconnected? Bitterness and unforgiveness are like brothers. Your inability to let go and forgive would surely leave you bitter. Bitterness is like a tree that has got deep roots and it grows quick. You can get bitter quick. You could be married to someone for three years and be bitter about it for the next thirty. You might be a sweet loving person but when bitterness creeps in you become a defamed monster who no one wants to associate with.

The problem with bitterness and unforgiveness is that if you don’t kill these things, they will always kill you. They are like a deadly disease that spreads fast and consumes if left unchecked. Bitterness unresolved will shorten your lifespan, kill your creativity, kill your potentials of being loved or of loving. What you won’t let go, who you won’t forgive, what you won’t resolve will give you attitudinal problems that will kill what God has given you, your spiritual life, your opportunities, your tenacity, your morale, your enthusiasm and snatch your peace and power.  So, you could have been free but bitterness got it! You could have been blessed but bitterness got it! You could have been happy but bitterness got it! You might even be successful and success doesn’t feel like it should because bitterness is eating everything up.

Do you not see how the odds are stacked up against you? What excuses are you making to continue being bitter? You are so bitter that you don’t have the ability to hold on to anything or anybody. You have misplaced rage at the person who touches or tries to reach out to you. For how long are you going to remain bitter? It ruined your childhood and teenage years; It’s about to ruin your 20s and 30s. It’s reached out and made you defensive about every little thing. You can’t build healthy relationships because you are sick and when you are sick, you can’t focus. When you can’t focus, you can’t win. When you can’t win, you watch others win and begin to get bitter all over again at people’s successes and when you can’t celebrate any person’s success, you become a HATER.

If only you would allow love into your heart.  If you would release every bitterness in your heart and love people with all of their craziness and flaws. If you would realise that you need to forgive others their mistakes because forgiving people who have hurt you is a healing balm to you yourself. Forgiveness frees you and allows you to move on. If we can all do this, the world would be a better place and most importantly, your heart would be a better place.

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5 Responses to The Deep Roots Of Bitterness – OWOEYE JESULOBA GRACE

  1. Tolu says:

    You just saved a life. God bless you abundantly


  2. Dj shogzy says:

    Weldone Loba. Had to read it twice to really get it. Beautiful piece


  3. Drayoflife says:

    This Will go a long way in healing lots of bitter hearts. Nice piece


  4. Kehinde says:

    Wow… an amazing piece… u did a great thing writing this piece, a lot of people r bitter, & others tending twrds bitterness… I love it.


  5. adefehinti says:

    Whao, this is really touching. The mind-set has just been lifted.. nice one Loba. God bless U for the message


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