7 Ways To Know She Is Into You

7 ways to know she is into you penastory

Recently we had a post “How To Get Your Crush To Like You (FOR GIRLS ONLY)” , if you missed it, you can click that title to read because this time we are focusing on the guys and how they can tell if that female has feelings for them. Women can be very complicated and throw conflicting signals that tend to get the men folk totally confused. You like her a lot but one minute she is blowing hot and the next she turns cold, you don’t know what to do and you are about to give up on her, below are some things she may be doing to help you know if she is into you.

She agrees to go on a date. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you pestered her into agreeing, her acceptance to go on a date with you is a good omen. Most women are stubborn-minded and won’t do something they don’t want to do.  Her going on a date with you means she is ready to spend time out with you and get to know you. If she smiles a lot and seems to enjoy herself, then it is a plus in your favour.

She kisses back. You decide to take a bold step and kiss her; she protested weakly at first before succumbing to your touch and kiss you back? Don’t fall for the after guilt of ‘it was a mistake.’ Her kissing you back is enough proof that she has feelings for you no matter how little, a girl won’t kiss a guy she doesn’t find appealing.

She asks about girls in your life. You are having a conversation and she tries to find out about girls in your life, she may not ask directly but she talks about the girls in your life, it’s her way of trying to see if you are taken or the kind of guy that goes after a lot of girls.

Her best friend has a knowing look. Whenever you run into her best friend, she smiles at you in this knowing way and winks; bingo it only means she must have gushed about her feelings to her friend. Girls tend to tell their best friends everything about their love life so if her bestie knows everything going on between you two, it means she considered them special and important enough to be shared.

She dresses up to meet you. If you called her to meet you for a quick drink or just to come downstairs for a quick meeting and she takes a long time coming, know she is trying to make herself look more attractive. When she comes down and  looks all dressed up and fresh, you weren’t kept waiting believe me, she was only concerned about her appearance and why should she care what you think if she doesn’t like you?

She talks about her dream guy. When a girl is with you and she can’t seem to get enough of talking about her dream guys, it only means she is trying to tell you some of the qualities she expects of you. She gushes on about how her prince charming must act and all that, take a hint and make a freaking move.

She calls you when she doesn’t hear from you. You were pretty depressed with the way she treated you the last time so you decided to lay off her for a while. If she calls you up during the one week you decide to take a break to ask how you are doing and why she hasn’t heard from you, don’t lose hope! It would have been good riddance to bad rubbish if she didn’t care.    

While some of the above said points could be interpreted differently, you have to study the girl you are chasing to know some of the things she is capable of. Take notes of body language and gestures, smiles and characteristics; they all help you in knowing whether she really likes you and just playing hard to get or if it is about time you up and leave onto the next one.

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