Now That You Are Here – Episode Thirteen (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt from Episode 12

“I can explain Halima, just listen to me, please.”

She wriggled out of his embrace.

“Get out now! I don’t want to see you Muyiwa, get the hell out of my house,” she screamed.  Muyiwa tried to protest but Anu pleaded with her eyes for him to leave. Taking an exasperated breath, Muyiwa walked out of the house. His world was crumbling around him and it was all because of one person, Damilola.

To read episode 12: CLICK HERE

His heart was beating fast in his chest as he ran out of the house. What have I done? He yanked open the door of his car and got in hurriedly. He sat down and turned the key in the ignition but didn’t drive off, instead the events played in his head. He had left Halima’s house filled with rage and hate in his blood. Seeing Halima look at him that way had filled him with so much hatred for Damilola, there was no other explanation, she must have sent the tape and then sent her best friend for the finishing blow.

So she sent her best friend to do the dirty job for her. The manipulative, self-centered bitch cares for no one but herself. That much is apparent now and it is time to end her little games, he had thought to himself, driving out of the compound in a blaze of fury. I regret letting myself get into such a mess, Muyiwa fumed.

His hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly they hurt but he couldn’t feel the ache. Like a mad man intoxicated on cheap alcohol, he drove through the streets of Lagos, each moment heightening his hate for Damilola. How he managed to get there without getting into an accident, he could not explain.  He had pounded her door with the craze of a man ready to pull it off its hinges and her voice had sounded annoyed as came to the door.

“Who wants to break my door, can’t people learn manners?”

“Open this damn door Damilola,” he bellowed, rapping on the door even more fiercely.

Damilola recognized Muyiwa’s voice and with a puzzled expression on her face, she unlocked the door and fell backwards as he rushed into the room and seized her.

“You insufferable spoilt bitch!” Muyiwa said between clenched teeth, grabbing her and shaking her ferociously.

Her eyes widened in surprise and then fear when she saw the anger and hatred on his face. She struggled in fear to escape from his grasp but he held on to her tightly, his fingers digging into her skin.

“What is going on Muyiwa? Let go of me, you are hurting me.”

He laughed derisively and smacked her hard across the face. Her cheek smarted from the slap and her eyes rolled in their sockets in shocked disbelief. She closed her eyes as his palm descended a second time. Muyiwa flung her away after the second slap and she landed on the ground with a thud.

“This is what is going on you common slut, you are going to stay the hell out of my life. I don’t want to have anything to do with you or your circle anymore. Your messenger has delivered your message to Halima and I hope you are happy now, she won’t have me anymore.”

Damilola rubbed her hurting cheek, looking at him with a dazed expression on her face.

“What has come over you Muyiwa, what messenger are you talking about? Has the devil possessed you?”

He laughed mirthlessly as he looked at her curled up on the ground. She was regaining herself and staring at him defiantly from the ground.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what this is about. Or you want to tell me you didn’t send Anu to Halima. Well I am happy that Halima knows now. I am going to spend my last drop of blood to make sure she forgives me but look at you; you have lost a good friend in me. Now that I am here, what does it do for you? I can’t even bear to look at you because when I see you, all I see is a disgusting animal. Yes, you are nothing but an animal. Manipulative, self-centred, without scruples, shameless, slutty…” He stopped when she began to cry softly.

“I only wanted your love Muyiwa but if you say it’s over then I might as well accept it. I swear to you, I didn’t send Anu to Halima, I still have the sex tape, I never sent it to Halima, Anu isn’t even aware of it. She believes she is doing what is right for both us by telling Halima about us.” She stood up from the ground and continued, “I would get you the remaining copies of the tapes now so you can destroy them. Consider them my goodbye gift to you.”

With that she walked into her bedroom and emerged about three minutes later with a small blue bag. There was a jut to her chin and a determination in her eyes like a fighter in a ring who knows he has been defeated and is trying to lose with as much dignity as possible. He moved closer to her to collect the bag and then it happened.

Just as she handed him the bag, he saw the glint of a knife as her arm rose into the air and came crashing down, aimed for his chest. He deflected the blow with his hand and he cried out in pain as the knife sank into his arm. He lunged for her and they both stumbled backwards, yanking out the knife from his bleeding hand, pain and rage coursed through him like a gushing waterfall. She fought back like a wild animal, stronger than he could ever have imagined her to be. She was like a deranged beast of the field, as she attacked him with her teeth, sinking it into his neck.  He threw a punch at her and followed it with a heavy push, trying to get her as far away from him as possible.

She doubled from the blows and hurtling backwards, she hit her head against the drink cabinet. Bottles came crashing on her head and he watched in horror as she slumped to the ground in a pool of blood and liquor.

He rushed to her but there was nothing even he as a medical doctor could do to save her, she was gone. That was when he had run out of the house in fear and sitting in the car now, he cried as he realized he had ruined his own life. He wasn’t just a cheat anymore, he was now a murderer. He knew it was going to be only a matter of time before the police would find him even if he ran and he was too weak to run. How can I face the world?

He got out of the car and headed back towards the house. There is only one thing for me to do and I have to.

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