When Aunty Power Bows To Uncle Authority

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

Have you ever for once in your life sat down to think of how unhappy you would be if you couldn’t do half the things you can now? Sometimes, I begin to ask the “what if” question.  “What if I couldn’t read or write? Would I be able to have gotten this far academically and career wise? What if I couldn’t talk or walk? What if I was born elsewhere to some other people?”

I don’t want you to misinterpret what I am saying and I swear to you I am not trying to be negative but the truth they say is bitter. Hence, after listening to ban audio message of the great Chris Del van, I have come to the conclusion that all I can do and has done is based on my personal relationship with AUNTY POWER. In other words, as humans, we are able to do certain things based on our different powers and abilities.

For instance, If I asked a group of secondary school students to carry a chair far above their head, they all would probably do that with ease based on their power but the moment I ask the same set of students to carry 20 chairs far above their head, the number of people equal to the task would surely reduce as not everyone would have the power to do so. Therefore, it won’t be wrong for me to conclude that POWER is what a certain individual can do on his/her own based on biological, physiological and psychological factors.

At this point, my above conclusion of the terminology power led me to the introduction of something else. I began to think and once again ask myself the “what if” question. However, this time around, I asked “what if Jide doesn’t have the power to take out a certain action due to one thing or the other? Do we then render him a useless being? Or “what if Ngozi felt deeply cheated by Oga Titus but has little or no power to challenge his actions? Can we blame her or do we just consider her a coward?

*Deep sigh* for someone as inquisitive as I am, I wasn’t going to give up neither was I going to sleep till I found out the way to help people like Jide and Ngozi. Sleep and I became sworn enemies until one day we finally agreed to settle but not until I had found a solution for my above clients. Finally, I came to the conclusion that since we as humans have different ranges of power (some stronger, some weaker), there is a strong possibility that if one is incapable of certain things due to lack of power, the person can sure be empowered by someone or people of a stronger power. Nevertheless, this kind of power had to be given respect and not insulted by sharing name with AUNTY POWER. So, I searched and searched and came across UNCLE AUTHORITY.

Authority is that power bestowed on an individual in order to enable such individual achieve what he/she couldn’t. Uncle Authority takes up from where Aunty Power stopped. Thus, it is power behind power. Ah ah!!! No wonder as humans we run seeking different kinds of superior powers to back us. We, Nigerians in particular, are regarded as the most ridiculously religious people in the world. We source the three major Authorities (Christianity, Islam & Voodoo). I remember once coming across quite a number of people sourcing all three authorities. Well, can you blame them? I really don’t because actions like that are what surface when you find yourself in a nation where the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer.

Get updates on our posts by joining our BBM Channel via C00396EEB, if you are reading from mobile click: http://pin.bbm.com/C00396EEB

Get updates on our posts by joining our BBM Channel via C00396EEB, if you are reading from mobile click: http://pin.bbm.com/C00396EEB

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