Keep Your Enemies Close (18+)

keep your enemies close penastory

They say climax to lovemaking is like dying a little death. In the space of one night, I could specifically say that I died a thousand deaths. We met at a charity event for the homeless and while the master of ceremonies kept going on in his drone-like voice about how bad these people were suffering and how much they needed our “help”, my long shapely legs that could put any model to shame found their way to the open bar.

“Double scotch on the rocks please,” I said to the bartender. I was not all that aware of my surroundings so it explained that I missed the Greek Adonis sitting by the bar with two other friends but my order was enough to have him insinuate I was a drunk just because most women went for drinks more subtle and feminine. I bristled at this and turned to them, replying him in a very sarcastic and taut voice saying,

“Don’t let my soft looks fool you after all having long legs and a sexy body fool you doesn’t mean I can’t handle my drinks.” I took a sip of my drink which had just arrived and added, “I am more manly than you could ever be.” shooting daggers at him with my eyes. That was the beginning of our banter.

He left his group of friends and moved his stool closer to mine.

“No offence meant me lady.”

“Now he is going to be chivalrous,” I replied, staring into his handsome face.

“Gerald Haddings, CEO of Haddings Resorts.” He stretched forth his hand as if expecting I would be rolling over to have a shake with him. I scoffed and downed my entire drink in one gulp.

“I don’t play nice with the enemy. Victoria Wellington, CEO of Wellington Hotels and Resorts, also known as your competition.”

He did a double take, clearly not expecting that and then a smug expression came across his face, “If I knew the competition was this sexy, I would have quit the game a long time ago.”

I could see the challenge and lust in his eyes, he wanted me and the idea of sleeping with the rival was tantalizing to him. Normally, I would have stood up then and left but I had not had sex in a long while. Who cared about a single guilty pleasure, nobody said I was getting married to him right?

I gave him my most charming smile and replied, “Do you want to take this party somewhere private?”

As expected he responded in the affirmative and he said something to his friends and soon we found ourselves in one of the closets that was not in use. As soon as we closed the door, our mouths fastened to each other. His mouth looked hard under the glare of the bar light but feeling them against mine now, it felt soft and tasted of mint. The first was rough and exploring, as if he was trying to discover the secrets of my mouth but my tongue fought a brave battle, clashing with his and like a lit matchstick thrown into a gasoline tank, the fire began to burn.

He splayed his hands on my body and rubbed exploring my body callously while my fingers trailed his own body delicately.  I don’t remember removing his jacket but I remember two buttons popping in our haste to rid him of his shirt and I recall vividly the feel of his erection pressed against my belly. He felt hot, heavy and huge, just the way I like my packages.

My backless designer dress granted him easy access to stroke my back and I was soon moaning against him as his mouth explored my neck. He slipped me out of the dress like one who had had much practice and I was left in my backless bra, lace throngs and stiletto platform heels.

He pushed me against a shelf in the closet and lifted me up.  I wrapped my legs around him and soon my panties and my bra joined my dress in a heap on the floor. I was completely naked now except for the heels encasing my feet. He kissed, sucked and bit me from my earlobes down to my shoulder before proceeding to take my hardened nipple in his hot, wet mouth. I moaned loudly, feeling his heat against me and I could feel the heat gathering in my core. I rubbed myself against his growing member and I was rewarded by him biting my nipple. I loved the sensation and told him that much.

I unbuckled him and brought out his prized possession. It was a sight to behold. It stood proud and all the veins in it liked like they were throbbing. I was scared that something so huge was going inside of me but I was excited at the same time.

He took his free hand down to my core while exchanging one nipple for another and I buckled as he slipped his fingers into me. I was wet, I couldn’t wait anymore. I moaned as much, pleading that he take me then but he pretended not to hear me until it felt like I was coming apart at the seams. He looked into my eyes and told me in a very husky and passion ridden voice,

“I will not go slow. I know you’re tight and will experience a little discomfort but I will not go easy on you.” For a reply, I kissed him and with that, he slammed into me.

I gave a muffled cry as felt my muscles stretch out forcibly and he covered my mouth with his. He kept slamming into me and I was enjoying the onslaught even though it was painful. It could only be described as bittersweet. I wrapped my legs tighter around him and he took this as a sign to go faster and harder, gyrating his wasting with each thrust. Soon I felt my climax building, and somewhere in the haze of passion, I must have let him known that because his speed increased even further and the shelf against which my back was resting rattled dangerously. As expected, I climaxed with so much force, it felt like the entire universe was crashing over me in a beautiful way. He pumped into me a few times more even as I tried to ride this wave of pleasure and passion and then he shot his own load.

When we got down from our high and our breathing returned to normal, we looked into each other’s eyes and burst into fits of laughter. We quickly got dressed and I walked to the door then said,

“Well, it was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Haddings.” I left the closet thinking how fun competing was.

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  1. Francis Angelo says:

    Lelo vicks come let’s do business.


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