Win $100 at the “I Love African Literature Contest” With Just 300 Words


BrittlePaper, famously known as the go-to destination for African writing and literary culture, will turn 6 years in a few weeks—August 1, 2016 precisely. To celebrate this milestone, BrittlePaper have launched a writing contest to give you a chance to say just what you love about African literature.

Here is how it works:



Imagine African literature as a romantic partner—boyfriend, girlfriend, sidechick, main squeeze, wife, husband, whatever. It is your 6th year anniversary, but you’ve been going through a rough patch for while now. Things haven’t been as rosy as it once was. You’re determined to put things right by re-affirming your love—with just 300 words! Feel free to explore all genres and scenarios. 

The contest is open to everyone: old, youthful, aspiring writer, seasoned writer, African, non-African, etc. If you read and love African literature, take this chance to say why.

It’s super-easy to participate.

Follow Brittle Paper on Twitter @brittlepaper (include a screen capture to let us know you followed us)

Submit to Include your name, address, a phone number, a short bio, and a photograph of yourself.

Send as an attached word document or simply past in the body of the email. 

Word Count Rule: 3oo-35o (please do not exceed 350). 

Entries will be open from July 4 to July 15. The top five will be announced on July 18th. Readers will then have a chance to vote for their favorite.

The winner will be announced on July 31.

Good luck!

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About Rotimi Daramola

Rotimi Daramola is an aspiring author and a freelance writer who is passionate about the African culture, Digital media and tech + Political engagements.
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2 Responses to Win $100 at the “I Love African Literature Contest” With Just 300 Words

  1. Kenneth says:

    Am sorry to say I don’t understand the step of including a snap shot via twitter


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