Things You Should Know About Friends With Benefits

things you should know about friends with benefits penastory

When the movie “Friends With Benefits” first hit our TV screens on July 22, 2011, many people began to think twice about having a special friend with benefit. The hassles of a real relationship can be sometimes daunting or sometimes people just want to have fun without too many complications. The obvious solution therefore becomes having a friend that comes with special benefits. Pause for just a second, before you start a friend with benefits relationship, here are things you should know.

Convenience: The convenience of having someone you can shag with without having to worry about feedings is very good. It’s all about the sex and nothing more. Young people especially love this as they can easily move on from yesterday’s bang and put their mind on other things. The sex is mind blowing and that is all that matters.

Want More: One source of headache in FWB is that someone always ends up wanting much more than what was originally agreed upon. When you are friends with benefits with someone for over three months, there are tendencies to start developing deeper feelings and complications start arising.

Fulfilling Fantasies: In a FWB relationship you are able to explore and experiment with a lot of things. Unlike when you are in a serious relationship where you are bothered about what your partner may think if you try to act out your wild fantasies. FWB allows you to explore and if the person isn’t cool with it, you can simply end the whole affair.
Safe Sex: Having regular sex with a particular person may result in you forgetting about safe sex. The logic is usually since you are their only sex partner, you can do without protection. FWB sex is also most times instant, less talk and more action. Careful thinking can be lost in the heat of the moment or when in the throes of passion.

Less Drama: FWB affords you peace of mind. There is always less drama and demands on you as a person. No girl to ask you for money to fix nails, hair or BIS and the many other things those girls can come up with. Since your partner is already a friend, they understand you already and even when you are stressed out, you can bang your frustration away.

How Do You End? Everything that has a beginning must have an end and believe me when I say it can be quite awkward having to start up that conversation to tell your partner that it’s over. It usually comes with those beginning lines of ‘while the sex has been good and the company fabulous, it’s time to move on.’ True feelings are not involved but still the other party might be hurt.

Bang Whoever: FWB gives you all the freedom in the world. One night stands, flings or whatever you want. You are not hooked to anybody and your friend with benefit can’t get jealous because they understand the deal. It is advisable that you keep other partners away from your FWB to avoid scenes or a tensed situation and do remember to play it safe. Also respect your friend with benefit and don’t put them in uncomfortable positions.

Juggling: Being a playboy isn’t such an easy task. So you want to sow your wild oats but can you handle all the work involved? It takes a lot of energy and maturity to handle more than one friend with benefit so if you are going for more than one, be ready for all the work.

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  1. Gunpoint says:

    You should have posted this when i was in my 20s


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