5 Things Men Want From Women In Bed

5 things men want from women in bed penastory

Most times, many women believe that men just want to climb and get off again but for most men it is beyond just getting laid. They want to get satisfied and also feel fulfilled so just lying there and doing it like it is an obligation isn’t really going to help you keep your man. More often than not he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that you didn’t get it right and most men are too shy to say what they actually want you to do. Here are some tips that can help you spice it up and give him a mind-blowing and memorable experience.

Be Yourself: There is nothing that is more off a turn off for a guy than when you fake it. While he can endure the fake hair, artificial lashes, layers of makeup and all the other fake things that women use, men don’t like you being fake in bed. Be real with him, tell him how to please you, he feels on top of the world when you actually tell him what to do and your pleasure is real.

Be Active: Don’t just lie there doing nothing while he does all the work, get on the grind and pleasure him back. Touch him all over and rub against him, make him actually feel something. Don’t be as dead as a doorpost and expect him to have a wonderful time, he may treat you like his priceless doll doesn’t mean he wants to be with a lifeless doll in bed.

Be Open-Minded: Boys are known to be adventurous and like trying out new things, don’t be so quick to reject ideas of trying out new things. You only become boring when your sex life becomes a routine, it loses all the fun and excitement that it is supposed to hold. Humour him and go with some of his seemingly crazy ideas except of course they contradict with principles you stand for. Everybody likes a little adventure in bed so trying out new things will do you both a whole lot of good.

Give Him a Good View: Don’t be shy with the goodies, give him a good look at your assets, he doesn’t just want you to undress and quickly dive under the covers. Play with him, give him a slow strip, let him have a eyeful and don’t rush to jump into bed. Don’t be ashamed of your body, he is probably going to get even more turned on by the view than your going all coy on him.

Know When to Take Charge: We know men always love being on top and being in charge but there are days when he wants you taking the lead. In doing this don’t be too aggressive and fight him for dominance, study him well and know when he just wants to watch you do it. This makes him feel like you actually want it and know how to please him.

Keeping these five things in mind is going to improve your sexual relationship a great deal and as for the men, don’t believe that she knows it all or has to get it right. It is a two way thing so both parties should be ready to make an effort.

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  1. PushPlay says:

    I wish the ladies would read and take note of this.


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