All Lives Matter

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Lately I really don’t know why I have pursued the cause to write my opinions on latest events happening in the world but I feel like even if this article might be read among us, it should make a difference. Though there is much to do and looking at great possibilities nearly seems impossible, the only way to get a solution is to start from the root.  If war is an industry, how can there be peace in a capitalist world?

Been basically watching CNN, and scrolling through Twitter since black killing became rampant, and I began to wonder what exactly was Martin Luther King Jr fighting for? If I am not mistaken, (well I am quite sure I am not) he fought for the blacks to have a right, because when we put aside our skin color, we all have the same blood flowing through us. He had the dream that his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by their intellectual capacity, but here we are fighting again. Truthfully, we are basically living like dogs; eating, vomiting and going back to our vomit. Living a life of unnecessary hatred.

What did the blacks do though?  Is it their hair, their color, their body shape, their talent or their accents that tick the whites off? Would you rather I stripped my skin, dyed my hair and match my pupils to yours before you realize that I am human and not just BLACK? Seriously. I have searched for reasons why, and it still surprises me how someone would wake up and decide to kill black people. As much as I don’t support the killing of the black, but at the same I don’t believe that revenge is the option. Do the blacks need to kill because they want to prove that their lives matter??

I don’t know where it is heard that you fight a fight with fight to get peace. Rumors have it that there is going to be a third world war based on racial inequality. If at all a war comes out from this, please tell me what are we then planning to achieve because it looks to me that it’s literally going to be fighting to stop shedding blood by shedding a lot of blood.

What really is needed to stop this massacre?  Peace, love, harmony, joy!!!  Not hatred. What are you hating on? We are all going die and just as what Martin Luther King Jr was fighting for was easily forgotten, that’s how are lives would be forgotten. Why not use the remaining days of our life to pursue happiness and stop the fighting and bloodshed. Stop the killing, whites matter as do blacks. Foolish actions can never yield fruitful results. With hope, peace and faith, soon enough all tears would be wiped and there will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain In God we trust.  All lives matter!

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