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I want to be rich, famous, wealthy, successful, and outstanding. Many of us want these things, I mean that’s the dream yeah?  I never heard anyone say  “I don’t want success. Being at the bottom is good enough for me”. But what separates those at the bottom from those at the top? The problem is not determining where you want to go but what you are willing to leave behind to get there. The bigger you want to get, the greater the heights you want to attain will determine how much it’s going to cost. Now I have realized it always cost something to be successful. I don’t care how gifted you are naturally or how talented or how smart or how skillful, you would have to pay a price for success.  Maybe you have made it to the top? You are now stable as an individual and you are free and it feels good but we know it cost something to get there because success is always going to cost something.

It is one thing to talk the talk and another to walk the walk.  Where the problem lies is, most of us are much better at talking good game than at playing good game. When people find out how much it cost to be successful, most just walk away because they believe it is not an easy task but you got to have courage! We all like the idea of success but not the reality of success so what we do is fantasize about success and that’s just where it ends.  I want to be a famous writer and motivational speaker, and while that’s cool, it is just me talking. What do I have to do to get there or rather, what is it going to cost me to achieve that? Successful people don’t just go one mile like most, they are more than willing to take additional miles and when they get there, there’s hardly anyone on the highway because most are either too lazy, cowardly or mediocre to go the extra mile.

It is not that you don’t know what to do but rather you are not willing to do what you should do because it costs too much. It is going to cost endurance, sacrifices, making mistakes, handling rejection, and overcoming obstacles. It is going to cost time, relationships, social life and sometimes you have to fight and crawl your way out because the kind of success that would liberate you would not come cheap.

In your journey to success, it is also important to understand that ascension takes time so if you want outstanding success that would last and you are busy looking for shortcuts, just forget it, you aren’t ready for success. Just like good food isn’t cooked in the microwave because the microwave is too fast and won’t cook it through, so also does true success take time. To get to the top and most importantly, stay there, you have got to be patient. It is the taking of time that helps you develop the right attitudes such as endurance, patience, and discernment that would sustain you when you are at the top.  It is the pain and price you have paid that makes you appreciate what you have got more because if it happened too fast and you got everything you wanted all at once, you would not know the value.

Success won’t happen by accident, so quit waiting for an angel that would appear and bring you all the things you need to be successful. You succeed when you do what successful people do. Depending on what you want to be successful in, be it financially, physically, spiritually, emotionally, the price you have to pay may differ. But knowing it isn’t enough, go a step more and start to pay the price and you would know if you have paid the full price by looking around you because it would reflect in your lifestyle.     

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