What Women Really Want In Relationships

Image Credit: essence.com

Image Credit: essence.com

The question of what women want in a relationship has continued to be a troubling one for most men. Men often grumble or complain about how frustrating it is trying to figure out their wives or girlfriends because they can’t seem to get it right or do anything that pleases them. However what women want in a relationship is quite simple and some of them are listed below:

Respect: Treat her more than just a sex object or a pretty face, actually take time to consider her feelings and know how she feels. Women love being respected and when you treat her like a partner rather than another dumb blonde, you are going to endear yourself to her more. In respecting her you can do this through your actions, make her feel her contributions matter and treat her exactly the way you would like to be treated.

Intelligence: No one wants to be with a douche bag so you have to keep your intelligence rating on the high stand. Most times many women love to compete with their men so you have to be smart, answer most questions she asks you and be able to maintain a reasonable conversation. As much as many women find good looks physically attractive, being smart is just as sexy so when you open your mouth, be sure you know what you are saying. It is safer to be suspected stupid than to actually say stupid things.  

Surprises: In surprising your woman, you have to be very careful and make sure you know her very well as timing is key when surprising her. A surprise date or whispering of sweet words at the oddest time is considered charming by most women. Make her feel special by buying her gifts she didn’t ask for and see that pleased look on her face.

Time: Believe me when I say she wants you to pay her attention so never be stingy with spending time with her. Devote time to getting to know her, spend time together and always make her feel like a priority rather than an option. The more time you spend with her, the more beautiful memories you are giving her and the closer you two can become.

Good Sex and Romance: Your sexual life with your woman is very important and you don’t have to feel under pressure to satisfy her. Relax and just pay attention to the things she likes. Many women like good sex so don’t let it be only about your own satisfaction, consider her feelings and always remember that it is supposed to always be a pleasurable experience for you too. Don’t just do it and stand up, spice it up for her with cuddles and kisses. Relax in bed with her and just talk lying their comfortably with each other. Spontaneity is also allowed as it keeps the excitement in your relationship.

Good Communication: Most men like to act rather than talk but it is essential to keep in mind that most women love talk. Many women talk nineteen to the dozen and one of the greatest skills you can have is your ability to be attentive. Women love when they can express their feelings, emotions, fears, hopes and desires in a relationship. Lack of communication in a relationship causes a disconnect in a relationship for most women so men with up to date communication skills have better chances with the women.    

Sense of Humour: Women want fun in a relationship and a relationship should have a healthy dose of that. Every woman wants a man that can make her laugh and help her feel relaxed; no woman wants to be in a relationship that is dull. Funny people will be a preferable choice over grumpy people so they always like someone who can tell and take a joke. 

Good Looks: Let’s admit it, most women have ideas of being swept off their feet by some handsome prince charming so it is only natural that good looks is one of their most sought after wants in a relationship. Women are often called the fairer sex for a good reason and they pay attention to how they look, they expect the same of their men so it won’t hurt to have a guy that is well groomed and wears good clothes.

Confidence: Your good looks are not enough to help you keep your woman, many women like their men confident. They want to know that you believe in yourself and that you are in charge. While they may not want to be bossed around by you, your confidence helps them believe in you and gives them a sense of security that you can be counted upon. Being around someone who believes in himself and who is always positive helps boost their own morale. In being confident, be sure not to overdo it so you don’t end up looking too cocky or egocentric.

We know it is not easy combining all of these traits that most women want in a relationship together but when a woman actually has a guy that is possess most of them, she wants to stick to him as he is most certainly a dream guy. The women love to be happy in a relationship and it is the duty of the man to also help strive in keeping her so.

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7 Responses to What Women Really Want In Relationships

  1. Trap Queen says:

    a good communication is a key to a successful relationship..once ur partner shut u down then everything is messed up


  2. Sky Walker says:



  3. Emodee says:

    They want money.


  4. Obiora says:

    Or you can just give them money


  5. Zero says:

    Guys, follow the above advice and watch yourself used by countless women. Those who have swallowed the red pill know the truth about what really makes women tick.


  6. Groom says:

    make money and you won’t have to go through all these stress!


  7. Muyiwa says:

    u neva state the main point ‘MONEY’


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