Let’s Talk About Change: Of Pastors And Churches

lets talk about change of pastors and churches penastory

“Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal savior? Do you go to Church everyday? Do you pay your tithes on a regular basis? Are you born again? Do you confess your sins on a regular? Are you aware that as a born again you not meant to sin?  Do you give compulsory offerings on Sunday? Do you know that all these I ask are criteria to make heaven “-  A pastor.

Back to reality. Are they really the major things to get everlasting life?  Do you know that saying yes to those questions makes a pastor’s favorite? Do you know what that means? Who exactly are you worshipping? God or your pastor? Who you pleasing? God or your pastor? Truthfully we have been blinded to the truth of Religion.  Now, I know a lot of people would try to condemn this article say things like “You are not a Christian and I don’t know anything about religion”. Well, hear me out before the condemnation. I only speak the truth, well if you notice, that is all I do.  I love God more than anything and what better way to express my love for him than to speak the truth. What is the truth, you may ask. I am not here to condemn the way you worship God, but do you actually worship him in the right way?

One faithful Sunday, I realized the church opposite my house had a lot of congregation, now I was surprised how they got that much because for a while there weren’t people. I later discovered that after church, there was to be sharing of food. I happened to laugh out loud at this, well I can’t mention the name of the church because I can’t spoil business. Yes, churches nowadays are for businesses, the pastor comes up with a couple of scriptures that brings us to offering and tithe paying. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with it but I do not approve when it becomes involuntary, I mean a compulsory service. Pardon me, let me rephrase that last sentence again, the Bible does not see giving money to church as a compulsory service. When it comes to offering they say, “Yes God loves a cheerful giver,” but if it happens that you don’t have, does that mean end of church for that day? Frankly speaking, a major reason why people don’t go to church is because of the compulsory service making others see how much they put in the basket so they really have no option but to put in something. Trust me, a lot of something, because not all something is fully accepted. But the same Bible that quotes that God loves a cheerful giver also says that we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing so why the whole passing of baskets? We barely survive in this country, now the little we have must be given to God? Sigh!

Ever wondered where all these money go to?? A lot of rich pastors and poor congregation. How do these pastors get their money when they say they are in church twenty four hours a day? It baffles me. It is really painful when I hear this church or that church has a university but yet none of their members attend the university. Ever saw that meme that was made for pastors and their church members?  Pastor on latest jeep and expensive outfit, while majority of the church members are on slippers and faded wrappers? People are so blinded to the beautiful lies coming out from the mouths of their Pastors.

How is it that we go to church everyday and yet we are not known but when we are not in church nobody realizes it? When it comes to the rich ones, they get choicest of seats and a lot of approval from the pastors. There was a particular Mark Angel’s I remember, in that episode, one guy came to meet the pastor because he had a problem. During the course of the prayer, a rich guy appeared and before we knew it, the pastor finished praying and went to the rich guy, took the money and started blessing him. See my point? I thought going to church is to learn about God and forget about status, because in God’s eyes, we are all equal?

Another thing that makes me want to believe scientists’ hypothesis of evolution is the fact that there are a lot of churches but yet the crime rate is high. According to churches, to be born again means “to be free of sin”, now to be free of sin means you have to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and personal Savior. As a member, you are already born again. Now my question is, ‘If you are supposed to be born again doesn’t that mean that crime should be reduced for as we know it, there are more Christians than others?’ Each day we hear different supposed prophecies and different miracles and yet none of us is happy or rich, we are still living the same banal life. Such a pity how people could be easily manipulated. Well, I am not going to dwell on how we humans enjoy choosing the wrong path for ourselves because truth be told we (majority of us) are blinded by the dark illuminations of the world.

Well, I said I wasn’t going to condemn, but if my words happen to leave a sting, then I am not saying for saying the truth. Now to cut the whole story short, God is loving and cares for us. Please pastors don’t make serving God seem choking, because it is not. Don’t make people lose faith in God and rely on you as their helper indirectly. To the rest of us, please stop believing all what you hear for we are all humans and start believing in the Bible, the only way to know God. To be very honest GOD NO DEY LIVE FOR CHURCH.

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