My Computer Village Experience (A True Life Story Of Duping)

ComputerVillage penastory

This is a true life story as told by Uzoma Uchechi Kingsley 

Permit me to share this story. After work on Tuesday, I decided to run to Ikeja Computer Village to buy a phone, specifically an iPhone 5s. I had just been paid my May salary the day before working 28 days extra before I could get paid. Since I was lacking a good phone, I decided to use the money to buy a phone. I added up my last savings totaling the money to 55,000 naira. Upon getting to ikeja, I met with a certain Hakeem who promised to take me to someone who wanted to sell his phone, a neat iPhone 6 for that amount.

First I found this discomforting and I told my friend with whom I was with that my spirit did not accept him but my friend urged me to check out the phone. So we went along and checked the body of the phone, the charging port, the camera and lastly I asked him to call me to be sure it didn’t have any mouth or hearing issues. He did and everything was okay. To even make sure it was not just a ruse, we swapped our phones and I gave him my small Samsung torchlight phone to call me to be very sure and everything was still okay. I went ahead to ask how much he was selling, he laughed and said 85k. I paused and told him I didn’t have that and we kept negotiating till we settled for 55k. The whole time, I had the cash in my pocket but I pretended that I needed to use the ATM. We walked to the ATM and I just checked my account balance, pretending to withdraw.

I went with the guy and my friend to a certain shop close to the Fidelity bank I withdrew from and gave him the money to count and he gave me the phone and assured him it was complete but he started shouting that the money was too poor and that I should add something. See me na. as a JJC I promised to add 500 naira but he kept shouting that he won’t accept and that I should take my money back and gave us the money while he took back the phone. I just sighed and walked on with my friend. My friend paused for a minute to count the money only to discover that the idiot had duped us. He wrapped a torn carton shaped into the form of N1000 to wrap it and at that moment, I nearly fainted as tears rolled down my eyes. I had been duped

Did I work for one month and 28 days for another man to eat my sweat? Several thoughts went through my mind but then I remembered I had called his number earlier when we were testing the phone, so I opened my call log only to find it empty, the idiot had cleared my call log so that I couldn’t have his number or any trace to him. I tried calling the number of the guy who introduced me to him but he denied being a part of the charade but kept asking me how much the fraudster collected from me. He promised to call me back to give me information about the idiot who duped me but I waited all day and no call came from him and when I call, all I get is laughter. Permit me to leave his number here 07062596294. Such criminals shouldn’t be spared, thanks.
Sometimes the only thing that needs to be removed is a memory.

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