Animals In Black Uniform

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

It still seems like it was yesterday. I can’t still believe my eyes. Why would the same set of people employed and trained to secure our lives and properties be the same that would put them at risk? Have you ever sometimes been in a situation where you just wished to be given a five minutes chance to slap some of these people because you feel that your slap might just be what they need in resetting their brains?

Trust me, I respect authority and I know these set of people are actually various people’s fathers and mothers but then what I question is how they are employed and trained. At times, I feel many of them were just picked randomly and handed their uniforms and guns to begin work because my many encounters with quite a number of them has over time helped in coming to this conclusion. *Deep sigh* Out of all my encounters with them, the one I would never forget is that of May 15th, 2012. Damn!!! I almost lost my dear life alongside several others.

It was like every other day, I had just left my padi, Iliyah’s crib at Police Barracks, Ikeja and was heading back home. We used to reside at Magodo Isheri back then and so I was on a bike approaching Ojodu Berger when suddenly this people just double crossed the road, jumped down and started spraying randomly in the air. *Poof!!! Poof!!! Poof!!! Poof!!!* Continuous rounds of gun shots flying in the air leaving everybody to do nothing but run for their lives. At this point, I froze and was amazed at their barbaric act. A friend of mine tried defending them by saying maybe they were on patrol or had gotten information about thieves in the area at that moment. Well, today makes it about four years since I last spoke to this particular friend of mine. I mean, regardless of the situation, you don’t put the lives of civilians at risk.

As I lay still inside the gutter I had taken to for cover alongside five others, I began to wonder. Do this people realise these bullets could just hit a random pregnant woman or her baby strapped to her back or maybe one of their many sprayed bullets would have gunned down about three primary school students heading back home after a long day at school? I began to wonder in the midst of the shouts, screams and the gunshots, what if I wasn’t going to make it home that day or if Mr. Jide who left his beautiful wife and their beautiful daughter at home would be joining his ancestors that very day?

These thoughts kept running through my mind until eventually everything died down after about half an hour. That was the climax for me with these people. My hatred for them multiplied and now I am sad but I just have to conclude based on past annoying experiences with them and this one that these people actually act animalistic. No offence to anyone and most especially to the very few good and sensible ones among them but then when eight of ten act in such manner then that is big time failure.

The government should better do something about these people else rather than having only “animals in black uniform” we would also be having “people in black” mourning constantly a loved one.

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