Twenty Episode – 18

twenty penastory

Excerpt from episode 17: 

“I’m here to make peace with you and forgive you. Won’t you invite me in?” he said and entered the house without waiting for a reply.

‘You had better leave before I call the police.’ She waved her phone threatening in his face, her voice rising.

‘There isn’t any need for that,’ he said as he sat down

To read episode 17: CLICK HERE

“There isn’t any need for that,” he said as he sat down.

“What do you want, why are you here?” Mrs. Ugochukwu said with her arms folded under her breasts. Osas pointed at a seat, indicating that she sit but sitting was the last thing she felt like at that moment so she remained standing.

“I have only come to make peace,” he placed his legs on top of the center table like he owned the place. “Come, sit” he invited again as if he owned the house and this time around, Mrs. Ugochukwu didn’t bother to hide her disgust at his presence.

“Osas, for Christ sakes what do you want?” she said. She was expecting him to make a request or something outlandish and her eyes darted to the wall clock, it wasn’t even yet mid-day.


As Maryam left Mrs. Beebs’ apartment after thirty minutes of discovering about her death, it finally registered on her that Mrs. Ugochukwu wasn’t among those she had met at the house. I’m not sure she has heard, she thought to herself as she headed for Mrs. Ugochukwu’s. I hope this will change her mind about the devil she is about to marry. But wait, how am I even sure David did this? No one really cared about Mrs. Beebs, who would have wanted her dead?

Maryam’s mind was in turmoil and each thought and question chased each other in her mind. She was so lost in thoughts that she didn’t see the detective waving at her neither did she hear the beeping of her cellphone.

“Are you okay? You seem pretty shaken,” the detective’s question was asked with a smile. Maryam smiled back at him ironically as the thought that he looked good hit her. What a time to be thinking about a handsome policeman. She noticed his clean set of teeth but shrugged instead and answered,

“I am fine. Murder isn’t just something we get around much here.”

“Murder?” his face registered surprise. Maryam realized he probably hadn’t heard and cursed herself silently for jumping to conclusions.

“Mrs. Beebs was found dead today.” She looked away, avoiding his probing eyes.

“Why would you think it is a murder?”

“I don’t know, I am tired, I just said the first thing that came to my head. I guess you are heading to Mrs. Ugochukwu’s?” he nodded the affirmative.

“That is where I am going to as well.”

Careful Maryam, tread softly, he probably knows something is up and is only playing you. Best not to say anything about Chioma’s kidnap either, she thought. They walked the rest of the journey to Mrs. Ugochukw’s house in silence, Maryam trying not to feel too conscious about the detective beside her.


“You see, after you killed my brother…” Osas began but was quickly interrupted by Mrs. Ugochukwu.

 “Ehn, ehn, ehn, ehn, hold it there Osas…” she paused and hissed her hatred at him, “me kill your brother? You must be mad to come back all the way from hell where I asked you to go to tell me this rubbish. You need to leave my house this minute!” she walked down to the door, her eyes blazing with fire and stared daggers at Osas.

He only shook his head and smiled, “where’s your daughter? I haven’t seen her since I arrived.” His stare was pointed and she felt herself withering under his scrutiny.

“Osas leave my house this minute,” she flung the door wide open to an astonished Maryam.

“Is everything alright?” The detective asked staring at Osas curiously.

Osas jumped to his feet at the sight of the detective and exclaimed, “Everything is fine! Yes, everything is fine, I only came to make peace with my late brother’s wife and I should be on my way now, it seems that she is still holding on to the past.”

“I’m not your late brother’s wife again! You hear me?” Mrs. Ugochukwu interjected furiously, “don’t come back here again!” she said with her right hand on the door knob and her left hand pointing at him as if she was trying to stab him with her finger. Osas moved one leg against the other very slowly and stopped at the point where she was standing whispering in a voice so that only she could hear,

“Are you not still the famous Mrs. Ugochukwu?” He didn’t wait for a response as he walked away with a hysterical laugh. The detective and Maryam walked inside and she shut the door shaking in anger.

Twenty is co-written with Akinwale Poshkid Akinyoade

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