When Love Fails

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

They say love is blind, they say love is life. They say love heals all, they say love makes whole. They say when you love, you live. They say love is smooth, they say love births the heart peace. They say love is friendship, they say love is family. They say love is sweet, they say it could sometimes be annoying. They say love makes the wisest man become a fool, they say love turns the female folks to “mumu”. They say love makes you do the least things you ever imagined yourself doing. They say love makes you on countless occasions ask yourself the question, “Shit! Did I just do that?” They say when you love, you seize to stop using your head to think. They say when you love, every other thing in the world seizes to exist. They say when you love, morning, noon and night, the one you think of is the one you love. 

They say when you love, you feel love can and would never fail but what happens when it does fail? When love fails you, you move from being selfless to selfish. When love fails you, you begin to see all the wrongs and not a single right about the one you love. When love fails you, you are quick to move from patient to impatient. When love fails you, you are bound to get distracted by someone else. When love fails you, you begin to let what others feel and say matter. When love fails you, you become like my friend Aisha and her ex Michael.

Aisha was from a staunch Muslim background while Michael belonged to a highly devoted Catholic family. Yup! Exactly the same thing I thought; two extremely opposite people but that’s love for you. You tend to find it happen between two entirely different individuals (psychologically, emotionally and ideologically). No wonder they say “Love conquers all”. I swear I could have put down my roommate’s head on the bet table if anyone was willing to argue as to the end result of Aisha and Michael. Beautiful love birds, a perfect match, complete understanding, hardly fought and when they did, they were quick to trash it out because they couldn’t stand being without each other even for a minute.

Apparently, love was living up to what everyone defined it has until five years later, reality began to set in and they both gradually had to part ways. Such a painful experience but love had decided to fail them by pressuring with their most dreaded difference- “religion”. Alhaji and Alhaja were not going to take an Igbo boy as their son-in-law much more a catholic. “Aisha oju e fo ni (Aisha are you blind)? What happened to all the good Muslim Yoruba boys around, are they all finished…ehn!?” Alhaja screamed day in, day out. Brother Emeka and Sister Ngozi were not helping matters either, they had sworn to disown Michael if he continued his infidel relationship.

I remember the day of the break up, I was there and I broke down as well because I couldn’t stand the cruelty love had dished out to this unlucky duo. They deserved far more but love had decided to fail. Today makes it six months after their forced break up, today also marks four months since Aisha had her traditional marriage with Yussuf. Finally, today marks the three months remembrance of Michael who committed suicide right after hearing of Aisha’s marriage.

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