The Obsession Story

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My obsession used to be that I wanted to be different, then I was obsessed with joining the military. I cannot believe there was a time I could think of nothing but learning how to drive. There was a time I was obsessed with making money, then the uncountable times I was obsessed with finding love, there was this one time – ok, maybe not once and definitely not far away – that I was obsessed with life itself. Presently, I am blatantly tired of this borough, I want to leave for the city.

As disjointed and equivocal my obsessions have been, they are those overlooked pieces of strength that makes me rise in the morning and declare that the day is bright. They are the reasons for my hard work and disdain for mediocrity. They are why I have never given up on life. May the day never come when I will be left with nothing to steer my bones.

Your obsessions may be different from mine but I am sure we have crossed at some point. The human heart is built that way. Why are you working as hard as you are? Why are you so enthusiastic about life? What makes you burn the midnight oil? Whatever your reasons are, keep, guide and evolve with them.

If you can’t find a reason to rise from the bed each morning, you have to retrace your steps. If you are dissatisfied with yourself and you attack life with lethargy, you are walking on land mines. Life will take its toll on you if you don’t have an obsession – a goal, a dream – a wakeup call.

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