Is Enough Ever Enough? Battling Mediocrity

I grew up watching TV just like many of us, excited to get older and grow up because to me, once I was older I could become a big superstar just like the movie stars I watched on the screens. Over the years however, I have come to realize that I was tricked. The life portrayed by the people I watched on the screen was just what it was. A movie. In reality, there is no such thing as overnight success and so in my frustration, I slipped into the front seat of mediocrity.

Hmm. Now, that my friend, is worse I must confess. I am neither great nor terrible, I am just in between. What is the point of me existing if I cannot at least do one remarkable thing on earth?  The most successful people in the world right now are the people who strive for change. The ones who see things differently. The ones who break existing barriers. The ones who won’t accept the status quo; the ones most people call crazy but I call passionate. The ones who will never settle for Mediocrity.

Mediocrity refers to the quality of being average or ordinary. It is taking the easy way out in everything; the path of least resistance. According to Richard Yales, Revolutionary Road, “Mediocrity is a disease; nobody thinks or feels or cares any more. Nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfort little goddamn mediocrity”. Mediocrity holds you back, convinces you that there is no reason to push hard enough. With mediocrity, there is no zeal or passion for anything, you are okay with whatever comes by. Mediocrity cheats us.

You are mediocre when you have got a first class brain but you settle for a second class lower.
You are mediocre when you could have worked harder at setting up your own company but you prefer to work at that place and earn peanuts. You are mediocre when you could have been done with that unhealthy relationship but you are staying put. You are mediocre when you can hit the gym and get your ideal weight but you comfort yourself that you are not too bad the way you are. You are mediocre when you abandon your dream and settle for less because of fear of failure. Quit playing it safe forever. Quit waiting for that one person to find you. To choose you. To promote you. To make you famous. To make you rich. To marry you. You will grow old waiting!

Are you living a boring life? Is your life getting wasted in mediocrity? Do you feel stuck? You can get out! Start taking action today, there is no such thing as a perfect timing, start now with where you are. With what you have. Just start. It is a basic rule that if you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got. Look around you. Are you happy with where you are? What you have accomplished? If no, then you need to get working. If you are ever going to overcome the average and rise above mediocrity, then start doing things that other people won’t do. Take the steps that others won’t take and reap the benefits that others can only envy.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the urge to be mediocre would always be there but resolve in your heart to resist it and do more, go the extra mile in your endeavours and trust God to lift you above your fellows as He demonstrates His preference for you in the sight of an on looking world.

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2 Responses to Is Enough Ever Enough? Battling Mediocrity

  1. Dontdie says:

    What an inspiring write up……. Thumbs up!


  2. babajide abiola .a says:

    its nice And wonderful


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