Advice Me: My Girlfriend Is Seeing Another Guy Whom Her Mother Approves Of

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Dear PAS readers, we have another tricky love situation on our hand. This time, it is a guy whose girl is double dating him and he is confused as to what to do. Read the email as we got it and drop your mature comments only.

I’m in a relationship with a girl I love so much, we started dating January but when I met her I asked if she had a bf and she said NO that she was single now we have dated for 8 months now she told me she has a bf she has been dating since December but she had to lie to me that she was single coz she liked me and couldn’t turn me down, I asked who the guy was and she told me the guy was the same guy she lied to me was her brother, she said she’s only with the guy coz her mom wants her to be with the guy coz her mom and the guy’s mom works in the same hospital in the UK now she keeps saying she loves me and can’t let go of me buh at the same time she can’t leave the boy coz of her mom and still she can’t tell the boy she’s dating me but she said she yet to have sex with him but she has with me, I don’t belive tha thou but even if I don’t care all I want is her in my life. Now she’s saying she has to talk to her mom abt the whole thing tha she doesn’t love the boy and all so basically my fate of been with her depends strongly on wah her mom thinks….AM confused wah do I do??????

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13 Responses to Advice Me: My Girlfriend Is Seeing Another Guy Whom Her Mother Approves Of

  1. Raw says:

    & ur still referring to her as ur girlfriend


  2. Rugged arab says:

    Hmmm…. She is having sex with the other guy. Trust me, I know these things.

    You are a back up “UPS” that she cannot let go. If I were you, I’ll chill and be collecting all collectibles. Going forward, regulate your feelings for her so that you don’t hurt too bad when she decides to quit the game she is playing with you.


  3. Undispusted says:

    Find a new girl friend and dump her hard before she dumps you….that way you stabilize the share of the hurt


    • Canadian says:

      true talk some people can b selfish nd heartless dey don’t have any plans for u yet lead u on for nothing


      • Undispusted says:

        Of course…b4 i parted ways wit my ex…she said she dreamt of her leavin me and after some years she came bck pleaded with me and i took her bck….i was like in my thought “beta neva dat wit me cox e go be u lyk nollywood film wen i go look u 4 eye cum say No”…..shame 2 her that she allowed herself 2 venture into that dream


      • Canadian says:

        eeya sorry we all av had shares of bad relationships cheesy

        it only made us stronger


    • Jay says:

      He has said it.!


  4. Toh Ghan says:

    I Smell Heartbreak Stories That Touch!!!


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  6. Kaka Morufu says:

    be the dumper before you turn to the dumpee. Wise up dude


  7. Tyson says:

    Oh boy find a girl aside to move on with before she dumps you

    That was how my gf of 5yrs just called me one day and said she’s moving on that her mum went to church and she was told dat we ain’t compatible,i was dumbfounded and d most painful part was that it was just a week after my accident and I wass on POP she doesn’t even care



  8. GoldenJAT says:

    give her an ULTIMATUM!let her choose u or d oda guy,keep luv outside of this 1st and use ur brain.the question..does she WANT U,as much As U WANT HER?let dt guide u


  9. First King says:

    Hmmmn…wetin i wan talk sef


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