All I Want (18+)

All I want penastory

He looked me straight in the eye and then said with that voice I had come to fear and love so much, “Tell me what you want me to do to you during our first time.”

I was very shy and my voice was wavering but that didn’t stop me from saying the words loud and clear. “I want to look at your beautiful brown eyes before you kiss me so deep that your tongue almost touches my throat. I want to feel every callus on your palm as you hold my neck at that particular angle you want as it allows for deeper penetration. I want you to remove each piece of clothing I am wearing while taking your time and murmuring appreciative words as the pile on the floor grows. I then want to feel every line on your palm as you trail your hands on my skin while it tingles from your touch. I want your touch to set my skin on fire while I moan in approval.”

“All that?” he asked with a wicked glint in his eyes. I smiled and continued,

“There is more, I want to stand brazenly as your palms and mouth move slowly but surely to my breasts. I know my knees are going to turn to jelly and I am going to hold you for support but I want you to take advantage of that little parting of my thighs that is going to happen at that moment. Spread my legs wide open like you are spreading butter on a piece of toast then use your other hand to play my strings as though you’re playing a piano. Make me taut as the strings of a tuned violin. I want to crumple at your feet and ask for mercy. Then I want your hand to be replaced by your mouth and I’m sure I’m going to arch my back in pleasure as my response. I know I will surely thrash about and show my pleasure in loud moans and some other words of choice, do not stop until I cum against your mouth even if I beg you to. I then want you to lick me clean of my cum and then kiss me deeply. Tasting myself on my tongue is definitely going to be a huge turn on for me.

I’m going to remember that we are getting to the main event now and I may panic a little. I want you to look me straight in the eye and convey the amount of want, need and love you feel for me. Then enter swiftly and deeply in just one stroke. I know I am going to be so tight and may cry out but be calm as it is not because I am a virgin. I have only been celibate for a while. I chose you to break my celibacy for a reason. Blow my mind please.

I want to feel my insides stretching out and I want you to temporarily destroy my cervix as I don’t want also want to feel my legs after our perfect bodies become one. I want you to lay your pipe right as you pump into me deftly and skillfully. I want to call every name in my phonebook to save me and beg you for mercy. I want to be marked by you.

When we both come, I just want you to hold me close. You can choose to say sweet nothings or not. All I want is to bask in the aftermath of our lovemaking as the heady scent on sex swirls around us. I want to fall asleep knowing that for the time being, I want no other person touching or caressing me. That is all I want. Is it too much to ask for?”

“No,” he said “I will give you all that and even more that would surpass your wildest imagination.”

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4 Responses to All I Want (18+)

  1. Isaac says:

    yes yes.. pen-a-strory haf Arraiv… No way am missing tis one…… oya lemme goan read it now…


  2. Ifedolapo says:

    Ehn dem dey Bleep up


  3. NDIDIAMAKA says:

    Hmmmmm imagining I am the one already


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