To Her


Image Credit: Pininterest

Image Credit: Pininterest

I am really girly. Sometimes it can be annoying. I mean I am concerned about how I look and what’s on my hair and all there is to being sassy. I am beautifully flawed. I have got mood swings, sometimes I am really insecure about things that don’t even matter. I get mad, jealous and I can be somewhat childish. But then, I am a lady, a woman, a proud one at that. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  You, yes you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. We have got strength wrapped in a velvet glove, we are unique and special. We are feminine and not “weak”. We are powerful vessels and we have got big influence, we should be a team. How sad it is that all we do now is hate ourselves like when Lady Bee walks into a room full of girls, there are no smiles. All she gets are cold stares. Consciously or unconsciously, we have become our own enemies.

We see ourselves and instead of the tension, free good talk, noble words, and words of purpose. We can’t talk asides what you have on and what I have on my hair. We are all about who will be the new slay queen and all this is causing so much beef between us. Personally, I think it is high time the madness stopped. It is high time we got rid of the inferiority complex. It is high time we stopped the hate, beef and envy. It is high time we all changed our mindset and stopped being so materialistic. It is high time to stop being bitchy and develop a sense of humour. It is high time we stop being obsessed about reaching the top first and simply enjoy the ride to the top with ourselves. We are feminine, we should revel in it.

Somewhere along the line, we have swallowed the “woman is inferior” lie or the idea that we aren’t valuable. We are not just objects of pleasure or ridicule. That is a lie. I do not know a man who doesn’t take his mother, or her words seriously. Being feminine is beautiful. Let’s just go over the little benefits we get from being us. I love that I can be a bundle of contradictions without shame, that I can be tender with my touch, accommodating with my hugs, that I can be soft, warm, fragile. That I can cry openly, that I can be real clumsy and still be called cute; that I can enjoy a gentleman’s gallantries. More importantly, I love that I can love deeply, that I can be generous with my compassion, insightful, discerning and glorified.

We should be women of virtue, women with womanly qualities. Praying women who set the devil on his heels. Our character should portray that we are of God and that He hass got us covered. Love yourself unconditionally, be free and comfortable in your skin. Focus on what is important, that which is inside of you. Do not let people’s opinion of how they think the “perfect body” or “slay look” get you so crazed about image that you forget whose you are made in. Let go of the reins, let go of the concept that you have to be tough to gain respect, as a matter of fact, there is strength in your feminity and vulnerability so embrace your softness and cherish your tenderness. Enjoy your laughter. No matter what size, shape, height you are, appreciate every curve, roll, bump.  You are unique! We are women, let’s embrace the triumph of the feminine spirit. It is a beautiful thing.

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One Response to To Her

  1. MR. POSSIBLE says:

    In simple terms, women have powerful minds and weak brains..

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