Advice Me: I Am Dating Three Guys And I Don’t Know Which Really Likes Me

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Dear PAS readers, we have another love problem and it involves a girl who believes she is in love with three men. Read the email as gotten and drop your mature comments only.

Please my name should be mention!  I am Rosemary by name , my case is simple ,I am dating two guys ,I started dating one during service days , well  his name is Charles ,he is handsome ,cos I always go for good thing .tom and I serviced in d same state .we were d talk of town. Well  tom  started to beat me nd endured it till now.. I finish service passe out nd started my career in a banking . During well till I meet tola i ,nice guy ,u know ,also handsome ,I am crazy about tola till d point of letting him have me on the two date we have ,I couldnt say no.. but problem is  tola  and I work in same branch. Tom still disturbing me with his love ,but I didnt mention tom is jobless till now.. tola is difficult to read I dont know lf he like me again or wat! He said we keep everything secret from other colleagues at work place so so confused ..cos I feel let myself open to quickly but could I do I m in loved.

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9 Responses to Advice Me: I Am Dating Three Guys And I Don’t Know Which Really Likes Me

  1. BeardGang says:

    Just the right thread. Heartbroken, beardless misogynistic boys would sure have a field day on this thread. Food is ready; knock yourselves out, sexists.


  2. Bukky says:

    This lady get mind oo


  3. JaneDoe says:

    So wrong


  4. Boxer says:

    Rosemary i believe that you are the architect of your own problems, how can you date 3 guys at the same time? There is no way of knowing which one loves you as you have not made the right choices. You need to decide for yourself which you want the most and put him on a scale to know if he feels the same way you feel for him.


  5. Milo says:

    One loves you and beats you like a drum…the other you love wants you to keep it secret cos he is not proud to flaunt you. You are still as single as Number 1.


  6. Vicky says:

    firstly,u shldn’t v gone double dating.secondly,a guy who loves you,wldnt lay hands on u no matter what,he isn’t married to u,and has already started beating u,,hello?who on earth does datI suggest you check d characters behind d guys and not d cuteness,,and for d one dat beats u up,I suggest u quit dat relationship..its simply a beatingtionshop and not a relationship..


  7. West says:

    babe my lil advice is this the 1st guy who u were dating when u served must probably be wit a gal in his state because after serves guys tends to leave there date(bae) and move to there real bae becos of location/distance relationship (i do ve experience)
    and also ur co worker hmmm its risky do but investigate him very well because he feels u love him or u are desperate for him so u should be careful because of heart break(very painful) test him to knw if he truly love and cherish u if so go for him
    but remember one of u will be forced to resign


  8. Bush Boy says:

    The Brain should be used for Lab test….

    Most girls now, all they know is Dating and Relationship angry

    They no dey even tire??


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