Clinging To Hope – AYOOMIDE

Here I am, alone with my thoughts, graduation year is around the corner. My CGPA is 2.4, I am not even on a Second Class Lower, haven’t I made a mistake? I have six courses that need to be retaken, what to do? I thought to myself as I slept. The next morning my phone rang, I was reluctant to pick but I saw it was Baami that was calling, I picked, “My boy, I am proud of you. I have so much hope in you and I trust you will not disappoint me,” Baami said.

Tears rolled down my cheek as those words kept ringing in my head. I explained to Tunde, “Tunde I am the one who encourages the 100 level students I know to face their studies. How on earth would they look or feel when they hear that Yemi the guy that encourages them is not even on a second class?” I asked.

This faithful evening, Baami was in the living room, I wanted to tell him that I had disappointed him and I am really sorry but the devil in me gave me a picture where Baami looked at me with so much contempt, the look the devil showed me on Baami’s face made me feel very bad so I turned back and walked away keeping the shameful secret to myself.  It is not entirely my fault because I know I read, I always read, I always know everything in my notebook minutes before the exam but it is as if I have a major case of something similar to dyslexia because whenever I see the question, to me I would have answered it and I would submit whereas I have written absolutely nothing.

“Do you remember Mrs. Makinde shouted at me during the management exams we had few days ago?” I asked Tunde.

“Yes,” he said as he laughed uncontrollably and continued, “but honestly till today no one knows why she was mad at you, c’mon you are one of her most active students and possibly her favourite in class.”

“Well I thought I had answered all the questions, meanwhile I wrote only my name and matric number on all the pages of the examination script, she didn’t even give me a chance to explain, she failed me immediately.” I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“What!!! How?” he shouted, “Have you gone to see a doctor? Who else knows about this? Don’t you think you need help before it’s too late?”

“It’s too late,” I answered with a mild tone as the cold breeze of fear blew past me.
“Yemi listen, education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you and it doesn’t matter how long it takes what matters is the accomplishment so you need to buckle down and in case you don’t understand anything at all holla at me.”

Finally I had a reason to smile, I thanked God for Tunde and prayed that nothing ever come between us. I held on to the words he said, I am still holding on to it and I know one day, sooner or later, I would make Baami proud of me.

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