Confessions Of A Male Prostitute Part 1

confessions of a male prostitue penastory

Hi! My name is name is James Anifowose, a 300 level student in the Faculty of Social Sciences (I wouldn’t want to mention my department for personal reasons). Today I decided to share my story to the world not because I regret my actions but because I feel someone out there might read it and make an immediate turn around should there be an individual out there trailing the path I trailed.

I got into the University of Lagos at a very young age, 17 (fresh out of high school) and like every other young lad, I saw myself as a ‘lucky bastard’ who despite all the stories I had heard and people I had met as regards being serially “Jambed” by JAMB, I still made it through for my dream course at my first and only trial. All seemed to be going on well with me in all areas of my life until one night, just like Davido Music Worldwide’s artiste, Dremo sang in his part of their label song “Back 2 Back”, my life switched in one night oh. The only difference is his life switched right while mine switched left.

It was about 10:55pm that very night and I was going back to my hostel at New Hall from the faculty and if you have been to UNILAG often, you would notice that the road leading from F.S.S to New Hall is always very dark and lonely. Did I know all these before this night? Yes! But did I think that a tap from behind and a casual exchange of words would lead to the switch in my life?

No! That night…*sobs*…my naive innocence was taking from me unwillingly. I became disgust and curse personified. At age 18, I was wickedly defiled by two young guys, I presume to be students as well whilst returning from reading. At that devilishly defining moment of my life, a new confusing spirit entered me. My natural urges to want to be with the female gender began to clash with my sudden developed affection for fellow men. I stopped looking forward to sleeping because my dreams were dominated by a beautiful water goddess who resided in the ocean. Interestingly, sometimes she looked like my late mother but even more beautiful and shapely. Whenever I wake up from sleep, my earthly pursuits begin to clash again. At one point, all I could think of is to make love to the female gender but then I stopped being attracted to girls of my age group, all I wanted was older women like the goddess I saw in my dreams. At another point, all I wanted was to become more like the ‘goddess’ of my dreams, I began to crave for feminine dressing, make-up and bleaching. Gosh! I was totally confused and so I spoke to two people who told me exactly what to do. 

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