Confessions Of A Male Prostitute Part 2

confessions of a male prostitue penastory

Excerpt from Part 1:

At one point, all I could think of is to make love to the female gender but then I stopped being attracted to girls of my age group, all I wanted was older women like the goddess I saw in my dreams. At another point, all I wanted was to become more like the ‘goddess’ of my dreams, I began to crave for feminine dressing, make-up and bleaching. Gosh! I was totally confused and so I spoke to two people who told me exactly what to do. 

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For me, I had gotten to a stage in my life where talking about my problems to people was a no-go area. I kept it deep inside of me and gradually it kept getting worse. The dreams became more real, my urge was ‘uncontrollable’, to the extent that a day could not pass without ‘sleeping’ with a fellow guy.

Surprisingly, I used to think I was the only one involved in it but as time went on, I even realised that we had a mini community here on campus at the University of Lagos. Apparently, we never spoke to each other but we sort of just knew ourselves right from the first contact. That was how I met Frank, a 400 level student in the faculty of Law.  I told him about my problem which to him was a blessing and how it all started. He made me feel like it was normal for me to be the way I am and he even went as far as introducing me to the larger community outside campus. Gosh! I was astonished to find out that handsome financial rewards could come from sleeping with older men and women. Frank became sort of my manager who linked me up to these clients and got a 10% cut from every job. I was meeting the top shots in the society including politicians and making an obscene amount of money and travelling the world.

However, occasionally, I still felt empty. I felt like money did nothing to reduce my misery. I knew I was a wreck both inside and out. I made several attempts to pacify my internal aching with alcohol and drugs but this only brought temporal relief. I dropped out of school and for eight years I never saw my dad and siblings. I kept living like a walking dead until I met Dami. Dami was a student fellowship leader I met one day when I decided to drive into Unilag where it all started. I was lost in thoughts and bumped into her. I don’t know why but after apologizing, she seemed to just keep staring at me like someone had told her to not let go. She began to speak and immediately, her simple words of advice although initially scoffed at, turned out to be a turning point of my life. She candidly said that I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I also needed to see a Psycho-therapist because there was the spiritual aspect I needed to handle likewise the psychological part. I laughed but I knew something deep had been stirred within me.

Today, I am a final year student at Unilag studying the same course I ran away from 10 years ago. I am also now a campus fellowship leader. Did I also tell you that Dami and I are engaged and we run an N.G.O that is solely for helping young people understand and manage their sexual hormones?

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