Poetry Play #62

poetry play penastory

Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji and Kawbabs


You listened into the night

For the tap-tap of my footsteps

You waited for my perfume to fill the room


But I never came

I was drowning in despair

At a bar some streets away


You closed your eyes

Sending text messages of prayer to Heaven

Hoping to see me when you open your eyes…



The wind carried your words back to you

No benevolent God listened

I was still as I was

And maybe some bottles more


What you couldn’t get from my body

You got from the bed

Lying naked, imaging my fingers playing music on the keyboard of your body



NB: Poetry Play, a product of Artilogue in partnership with PenAStory, is a game in form of poetic dialogue for every poet on BBM. It is a game of two poets: one drops a line or more, and the other replies, flowing along until one of them gives up, or the poem gets too long. Every poem formed from this game will be published here (penastory.com) every Friday and Saturday. So poets, are you ready to play? If yes, contact Samuel via BBM: 7baa55ae

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About PenAStory

PenAStory is a group of young individuals with a passion for literature who have decided to come together to write under one platform. We seek to educate, inform as well as entertain our readers. Also, because we are targeting young literature lovers, we would like to touch on other interests of their lives hence the relationship category and because we all need a bit of motivation in our lives, we decided inspiration won't be so bad
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2 Responses to Poetry Play #62

  1. Taken says:

    I want to play but I don’t have bbm, whatsapp maybe ?


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