The Day I Can Never Forget In A Hurry – QUIN IZUWA

a day i shall never forget in a hurry penastory

 It was a fine Tuesday afternoon, I had just gotten back home from school and the day could be said to be one of the good school days. I had answered a question correctly in biology class, the only student who knew the answer, this had infuriated Mr. Amole so much that he flogged the rest mercilessly. I the ‘efiko Sandra’ was left sitting, I got to rub my good looks and brains in my classmates’ faces. Life couldn’t be sweeter.

While undressing I remembered I had left the gate open. Dang! Not again, mum has been warning me about that. I had on just my panties and a long singlet which stopped just around the hip. I also still had on my stockings and since I was the only one at home, I decided to dash out and close the gate. Jenifa’s Diary is about to come on and I don’t want to miss any part of this episode by wasting time to change. I ran down the stairs and to the gate; the thing was left wide open, thank God I remembered in good time.

Imagine my shock when I locked the gate and happily turned around to dance my way upstairs, only to be met with a deadly looking, ready to crush and swallow my bones bull dog. It was making its way to the back of the house, I guess that is why I didn’t notice it at first. It looked like it was making its way to the kitchen. Here is the thing, I have a strong fear for animals; anything crawling, slimmy, with fangs and life in it gives me the creeps. My hands immediately got wet. I was shaking to my feet and the blood rushed to my head making me feel dizzy. I felt like I was about to faint. Dear Lord! I don’t want to die. I haven’t even made it to medical school, marry a fellow doctor and have my three children yet. I quickly opened the gate to go get help and in my uneasiness I banged the gate. The sound alerted Mr. Kill And Die as it turned and started rushing at the speed of lighting towards me. I left the gate open and took to my heels. I dared not turn around. I ran all the way to the estate gate and into the security house panting frantically. I talked but I am sure no one could make sense of any word because they all just stared at me. Heaven knows I had no idea myself.

The security house which seemed dreadful before felt like a safe haven right now. No one said anything to me. I guess they were too surprised to speak to “Sandra the big girl”. The oldest of them all, Baba walked up to me and asked me to sit down and catch my breath. He left to see who or what was after and I had time to gather my wits together a bit and that was when I realized I was in my underwear in a room full of older men. I am a big girl for a 15 year old and can easily pass for 22 with my beautiful pointed nose, nicely shaped lips, fair skin, womanly curves and firm, budding breasts. God finished work on me. My shakara in this estate is 10 over 10 and here I am in the security house in my underwear. Ha! I am sure this is the work of my enemies.

Baba returned some minutes later and I asked about the bull dog that had been chasing me. He laughed in a kind way although like someone coming to an understanding and said the dog belonged to the new tenants that had just moved into the house next to ours. It had been caught just in time by its owner. I suddenly understood why they were staring at me like a crazy person. I had been running without being chased because in my fear, I had not bothered to look back. I thanked him and stood up to go home but first peeped outside to be sure. I am sure I looked like a scared rabbit doing that but right then it didn’t matter to me as I was still shaking to my knees. The incident had left me badly shaken.

As I ran back home, I met with a handsome young boy who looked to be in his 20s standing outside the gate just before mine. He approached me and started apologising for Bruno’s behaviour like it was a fellow human. I politely told him to make sure his dog stays in his compound and they would be hearing from my parents and made my way inside. I was uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me unabashedly. There was no shame whatsoever in his scrutiny and he made no attempt to stop staring. I definitely had to have my parents do something about this dog issue when they get back but that moment I can only be thankful to God I didn’t get hurt. It is a day I would never forget in a hurry as now I have to wave my estate shakara goodbye.

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