How To Attract Husband Material

A happy african american female is being kissed on the cheek by her lover

A happy african american female is being kissed on the cheek by her lover

A lot has been put down about the qualities of a good husband material but nothing really has been written on how to attract such a man. I have heard many females say, “There are only very few guys who wants to settle down. They are all the same. They sleep with you and dump you” but I want to say that is not true! We have real guys who want to settle down. It is just that some ladies are quite uninformed as to how to attract such guys.  When preparation meets opportunity, success is achieved, they say! How do you attract a marriageable guy?

Quit imitating other girls and be yourself. Originality is a vital trait every guy wants in his girl. no real guy wants to marry a girl who isn’t comfortable with herself. she isn’t okay with her looks so she goes everywhere on fake everything”! Such a girl may not find a serious guy.
Dressing almost naked to impress isn’t the best. I know it is your body and your business but I must say this, if a guy gets to like you first because you exposed your body, it will be hard to get him to notice how intelligent you are in other areas. That is where first impression really matters a lot. He has been starved, you fed him. He got close to you, he got tired of your food, he looks out. Your guess is as good as mine.

Have a goal in life. There are so many girls without goals already, don’t be another one of such girls. For most, their goal is to get married to a “rich guy” and bury their career in his wallet. Females need to realize that career ladies may have their own issues but no guy wishes to date a “broke ass” girl, it is just too much liability. If you are broke, at least have a dream, a career. Let it drive the course of your life. When he sees your passion for something other than money, clothes and sex, he will make a move.

Lend a helping hand where necessary. Remember we are talking about how to attract the kind of guy whose love for you bypasses your temporary looks. Having watched “Devious Maids,” season 2, one of the maids caught the fancy of a very handsome man, because of what? She was wholeheartedly helping his dad. Free yourself, go out of your way and help someone. It is not about attracting anyone but being nice apart from sex and other usual things. Can your guy really call you a help? Nothing moves a guy than a lady helping him to do what he isn’t disposed to do.
Be committed to a religion.  There is something about being a religious person, it creates an atmosphere of good expectations. It promises him of something good, at least.

Disconnect yourself from sugar daddies.  Excuse me! I went to a university where having a sugar daddy is a norm. Flashy cars roll in the girls’ hostels every evening. Yet, these girls are praying for a husband material! Sometimes, the reason some ladies face prolonged singlehood is this! Mind you, a sugar daddy doesn’t necessarily have to be an elderly man!
Spend some of your time with married ladies. As earlier quoted, success is where preparation meets with opportunity. In life, you don’t get what you want when you want it, you get it when you have prepared to an extent for it. Hanging out with those type of ladies help to build a marital disposition in you.

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