Too Dead To Hear His Baby Cry

Nora wasn’t always the impassioned lover she became, it was an acquired taste. Nora like every other manipulator had no respect for people’s emotions. I mean, too many had poisoned her sense of right reasoning. A compulsive smoker and a lover of spirituous liquor were descriptions she answered to. She would party all night and lumber the clubs within her reach just to have fun. I haven’t said she was ugly, No, Nora is a ravishing beauty; too delicately beautiful you would wonder why she took no guy seriously. Well, I needn’t mention that she toiled with the emotions of men – the Adonis and the ugly. For Nora, guys were only to satisfy her selfish interests after which she would send them to Coventry. Well, the sages have always said that even the devil has a soft spot. No human is completely impregnable. It only takes the right person, the right circumstances and the right time to unsheathe every human. I mean, that’s literally why we are humans and Nora wasn’t any different.

Typically, one said night, she was smoking at a club. She had boozed alcohol down the hatch and so, she was not in her marbles. To ease the effect of her tender drunkenness, she lit up a cigarette and hurled its smoke down the throat, reflecting the projectiles of consumed smoke out of her nose and mouth rather dexterously.  Just then did a young handsome guy approach the club house, she ordinarily would give cold shoulders to any guy who entered or egressed the club house as she wasn’t flickered by guys but this particular guy was a cause for concentration. She couldn’t but notice his suave disposition. A tall, fair-complexioned cute young guy is perhaps the fancy of many eyes, even Nora’s.  Nora intended to get his attention and put his emotions in jest when she was done as she would other guys. As she approached him, he was surprisingly unwelcoming especially considering that she wasn’t a girl of nowhere consequence. He was utterly rude to her so it dawned on her that he wasn’t in notice of her by any means. He completely ignored her to the extent that hurt her interests. As a go-getter, she flared up at his refusal to flourish her presence with rapt attention. She staggered out of his presence almost falling to the ground. The debilitating effects of the alcoholic drinks she took resurfaced as she could not even walk herself up for a car to go home. A guy with the above fine qualities without chivalry and gentlemanliness is of course, incomplete. Thank God for Chris. He knew just what to do, when and how.

Chris eventually gave her a lift home in his car. As he rode her off to her destination, they had discussions and exchanged contacts. Time became the designer of fate. You know, sometimes life itself is chequered; it’s a total mess. The unpalatable arrangements of events doesn’t always mean fate itself has faltered. Time is always the ultimate master planner and arranger of life’s event, the revealer of what is to be and what is.

Getting down to brass tracks, Chris and Nora eventually became hands in gloves with each other. They were good friends who had a lot in common. As a way of fostering their friendship, Nora became a changed person. Her garment of lasciviousness, drunkenness and smoking all transfigured like Moses’s. Chris encouraged her to be more studious and concentrated on top priorities as a student. She heeded. Gradually, their friendship morphed into a superfluity of emotions; emotions of love. The friendship transformed from a charade to a chemistry. A beautiful girl and a hotly contested guy amongst females, what more is there to sever this blessed union? Absolutely nothing! Like I said, Time is the revealer.

Months later, Chris popped the question and advanced his proposition to be her boyfriend. She agreed with a hysteric embrace to evince how much she had agreed to his emotions and desired his proposal. The relationship came with everything good. They were very enamoured of one another. They had their first kiss in the warmth of the evening. It was deep and passionate, much of a piercing stab of emotions than a mere palpable satisfaction of lust. They were indeed happy with each other. Nora had a confidante; a very close female friend, Sophie with whom she confided in about the happiness the relationship had brought her. Teasingly, Sophie would ridicule her of her kisses and others. That evening, Chris and Nora promised to see each other after classes for the day. I shan’t forget to mention that Chris was a student also.

The next day, Nora after lectures proceeded to meet Chris in his class since all attempts to reach him through phone calls were unavailing. On getting to her class. She saw a mammoth crowd of persons all scattered about in small groups, here and there. Some of them cried loudly while others sobbed softly with obviously swollen eyes and heavy hearts. Confused, Nora enquired the whereabouts of Chris from one of the course mates who had plunged deep into a paroxysm of tears. He muttered, “Chris is dead. He was involved in a car accident”. Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you never heard the truth? Have you been in a situation where having heard the truth, you would sit back to wait for another truth because no matter how hard you try, you can’t come to terms with the former truth? That was Nora’s. She could hardly believe her ears. She screamed aloud and just then, she let out a sharp scream out of her sleep. It was a dream. Good heavens!
Fidgety, Nora woke up Sophie who had stayed back in her hostel to pass the night. She checked the time, it was 6:30am just in the nick. She shuddered in revulsion as she told the dream to Sophie, rolling her hands above her head and snapping her fingers as a way of customarily rejecting any of such portentous forebodings of her dreams. “I’m too scared Sophie. I don’t want anything to happen to Chris” she heaved in fear. Sophie drew her close to herself and assured her it was but a dream and nothing more. Suggestively, she opined that Nora should give him a call that morning to hear from him.

“Hello Baby” Chris responded.

“Morning baby. I love you so much and I never want to lose you,” Nora said, heaving off her panicky state of mind with a deep sigh.

“I love you too baby,” Chris responded.

Just then Nora heard brakes screeching against the tarred road. It was as though a car was struggling with an inertia. Just then the car hit something. Nora could no longer hear anything but wailings from the phone.

The last she heard of him was “I love you too baby” Chris was dead now, too dead to hear his baby cry.

This piece was co-written with Miss Sasha

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My name is Destiny Osayi Ogedegbe. I'm a promising lawyer in training, a perspiring teacher and a despairing optimist. I have a knack for art, music and writing. I'm a deep writer and I believe in reaching the world through my pen. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of things; that True Love exists, that words control ultimately everything, that we are way better than people would have us believe; that people deserve to be enlightened.. I'm the Scribbler!
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  1. Mr.Obeezy says:

    I love this piece…love the writers
    MR. POSSIBLE you are confirmed in the heavens….Miss Sasha thumbs up😆

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