Let Me Go


Haven’t you listened-
When I beat the Omele ako?
Didn’t you watch in delight
How I danced in the market center?
Then let me go

Then let me go
I want to play my Goje
And sing for my unborn clans
So they dance- the dance I danced
With my hands I want to welcome
My warrior across the seven hills

When I hear the rhythm of
The bata Drum, my foot knows no rest
Let my daughters dance
Her tender waist before me
And the sweetness of her mother I remember
At the market center

Ajagun! Here he comes!
I want to welcome the warrior
Only he traverse between
The living and dead
I want to join the youths in welcoming him
Donkey-ride-with-Palm leaves
Clothes to usher him in
Then let me go

Then let me go
I want to lay with my wife
Suck the soft stiff breasts
While teasing her father’s crops
And crushing the young grass
Beyond the place-of-no-return

I want to tread the earth
But I am not there
I want to join them in the wilderness
And chase death away
But how can I address the ghost
Of my mothers
And serve them the hearts of lion

Then let me go
Who will make the welcome speech?
Between granary where I can dance

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About Olajire

Sports Enthusiast And Voracious Reader.
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