My Wedding Day


I looked into the mirror just before I headed out and for the first time in my life, I was truly happy. Beyond my amazing wedding dress and my stunning makeup, I knew that the heavens must really love me because I had finally reached my place of stability, my last bus stop. 

Ours was love at first sight; like he would always say. To him, he was created to love me and it didn’t matter the time or the season as I would have still been his. We could stare at ourselves for several minutes never wanting to break the gaze. Ours was that kind of love that was so powerful, being just a few metres apart from ourselves felt like a long distance relationship even if we were under the same roof.

Sometimes, there was no need for words with Jason not because I was mad at him or anything but because the body language complimented whatever we were doing and even when we talked, we always found ourselves completing each other’s sentences. We totally adored ourselves and to us, sometimes sex was not too relevant,  I mean, we could play under the sheets all day and night, cuddling, kissing and being intimate but no penetration not because we were not crazy about ourselves but because sex had simply become an icing on the cake, the cake being our deep love. Our love was invigorating and I was so happy to finally have someone who loved me for me. Nothing to me could ruin our perfect love story or so I thought.

Jason was oblivious to my past as I made sure I never talked about it with him. That was a part of me that hurt deeply and I wasn’t willing to share with anyone, at least not for now. I was all shades of messed up before I met Jason. As a matter of fact, I could have sworn that I was cursed from birth or how else would one explain how I never got to even meet my mom as I was told she died whilst having me. And my dad, oh my lovely dad grieved his wife for a year and despite pleas to take another woman as his wife especially for my sake, he didn’t listen and he refused to take even a maid. I was raised by him alone and I did enjoy myself as he made sure I lacked nothing. He was my hero, yeahh he really was as I had no one besides him but when I clocked six, the whole story changed.

My father started coming home later than usual, always staggering in. I couldn’t quite comprehend what was wrong at that age but even I knew there was fire on the mountain when my dad started paying me visits in the night. He would tell me to be a good girl and open wide my legs which I did whilst crying because he always looked scary. Then my father would have sex with me and always groan like a beast as he would pull out and tell me to go back to sleep. This went on till I was eleven when I entered boarding school but even then, the damage had already been done. As I entered my teen years, I was already a sex addict and I couldn’t understand my insatiable appetite for sex. It didn’t help matters that puberty was very kind to me, I was endowed in the right places amongst all my peers and so as long as you were a guy and you had something in between your legs, it didn’t matter if you were a security guard, or the principal, I slept with all.

There was no stopping me even all through my university days and I soon became very popular for my sexual escapades. I collected nothing from the men because I had little use for their money, my wonderful father gave me more than enough but my desire for sex was just unquenchable.   And then I met Jason, a good man. Of all the men I have ever come across, he was the most sincere, he was the one who made me realise there was more to life than sex, he talked to me like he was God sent and made me believe I was a princess. He would always prod me about my past and I would always tell him to let it be and that I would tell him when the time was right. If only karma wasn’t a bitch.  If only one could go free for every misdeed one does. If only wishes come true maybe my happiest day wouldn’t have turn out to be the worst day of my life.

 I still remember vividly as I walked down the aisle with my father and took my place beside Jason as we exchanged our wedding vows amidst laughter and tears and just before we were pronounced husband and wife, the Priest asked the question that changed my life and made me wish that the ground would open and swallow me. “If there be any one who objects to the joining together of Jason and Beulah together in holy matrimony; speak now or forever hold your peace.” And that was when my heart stopped. Almost immediately, about 20 guys rushed up threatening to burn down the church if we were joined together as some swore that I had slept with half the men in the city, among them were Jason’s colleagues, friends and distant cousins. I had slept with every single one of them at least twice. As I looked into the face of my beloved and saw his eyes begging me to just deny the claims and that he would believe me, I pushed my way past the mob trying to stop my heart attack and that’s when the spirit descended on me, I just knew I wanted to kill my father and I didn’t care what it cost.

That fateful night, I walked into my father’s house at about 11pm and went straight into his room, seeing him lie on the bed peacefully asleep made my blood boil and as I looked at his boxers, I smiled because I knew just the perfect thing to do. I reached for his boxers,  pulled it down quietly and began to stroke his manhood, even as I pulled out the knife I had hidden at my back and in one swift move, I cut off his manhood and watched him writhe in agony.  Then I sat down beside him, finally happy but not before I heard the sirens.

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2 Responses to My Wedding Day

  1. Oyin says:

    Oh wow! This is deep… Very touching and sad.


  2. Mr.Obeezy says:

    Nice… Really similar to a piece of mine.


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